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KKO Session 6: Mother Oda's Machinations

General Summary

  • Party waits a week for Judith to arrive
  • Hokan and Adam stick around, Tevlin keeps party moving from inn to inn
  • Party confronted by couple of Ageless One priestesses, still mad at temple murder
  • Balasar explains how technically Bucephalus is the one who killed wounded guy
  • Priestesses agree, decide to pin curse squarely on Bucephalus
  • Judith arrives in town, reasonably impressed by party’s success in Suika
  • Gives them 200GP each
  • Party passes mountains to get to Clan Oda capital of Olenjii
  • Nyana’s suspicious of clan after what Saoirse said
  • When party camps one night, they get ambushed by assassin!
  • She kills Adam with single shot, tries to kill Saoirse
  • Nyana tackles her to the ground, unleashes primal savagery and tears out her throat
  • Saoirse explains that was Kyo, Paper Dragons’ head of assassinations
  • Party arrives in Olenjii for audience with Mother Oda
  • They have dinner with her in fancy outfits, but first Nyana takes party to forest
  • She gives party spiritual lesson on Aoa, Guppy tries to fit her in with his Seevo belief
  • Close enough
  • That night Mother Oda meets with the party for feast and festival
  • She thanks them for all their help defeating Paper Dragons
  • Promises to vouch for party and clear them of any blame for wedding murder
  • Rewards Balasar and Bucephalus with nicer armor
  • Gets a wolf hound for Nyana, Guppy gets a stronger mace
  • Bucephalus tries to play lute, it breaks
  • Curse of Ageless One strikes again
  • He goes to AO’s shrine, prays and offers paltry sum
  • It’s going to take a lot of work to lift curse
  • Party goes to Younashi for next Paper Dragon target, Houkasai
  • It’s the capital of the Kiri Clan
  • They recently won decisive battle against Kawas, town’s in festive mood
  • There are wanted posters for the party
  • Nyana finds some paintings made by Houkasai, Bucephalus gets curator to give them some info
  • The artist is holding an exhibition of his origami sculptures at Orange Pavilion
  • It’s invitation-only, but that’s not going to stop this party!
  • The night of the exhibition, party heads over to Orange Pavilion in fancy garb
  • They bribe the two dragonborn guards to get inside so long as they disguise as valets
  • Nyana doesn’t put on a disguise
  • Bucephalus finds Houkasai talking with nobility, his sculptures move like living things
  • Nyana convinces origami cow named Bo to escape
  • Bo crashes through pavilion gates, ramming into guards
  • Wild Fight: Guards and Houkasai
  • Nyana gets slashed a few times, but she gets her licks in
  • Balasar runs over to join in fight
  • Meanwhile Guppy and Bucephalus take advantage of confusion to kill Houkasai
  • Guppy cripples him with his mace, Bucephalus slices Houkasai’s throat
  • They try to go over to help others, but a paper samurai shows up!
  • Back at the gate, Balasar and Nyana are using acid attacks
  • Balasar knocks one guy’s head off, makes the other guy melt with acid breath
  • But as they’re taking back the bribe money, ten paper samurai show up
  • They manage to hide/escape from guards in time
  • Guppy and Bucephalus try to catch up, but they’re KO’d and captured
Report Date
15 May 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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