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KKO Session 8: The Silk Page

General Summary

  • Party in Eld
  • Tevlin knows a tiefling named Hastur from Rakka who can give them intel about the 'Silk Page'
  • At tavern Hastur is knocking down flagons of ale
  • He says Silk Page can copy a person’s soul
  • Can grant immortality, power
  • Drow were contracted to create this page by either Paper Dragons or Chomei
  • He goes on racist rant about drow, chokes on Paper Dragons poison and dies
  • Party checks drink, finds origami bird with Hastur’s name inside
  • They ask around about bartender, find out he paid the tavern to work there for a week
  • Bucephalus buys a shortsword for 150GP
  • Party finds assassin’s hideout in downtown Eld
  • Assassin gets some licks in on Balasar, Nyana rips his throat out
  • Balasar finds a map, party escapes before room explodes
  • That night Tevlin says he got a call from Judith
  • She doesn’t like them so far from Olenjii
  • Also, Dowd was murdered and Saoirse is missing now
  • Bucephalus goes to a hookah bar in Dowd’s honor
  • Party’s been bushwhacking through Koulan Forests for weeks
  • Nyana knows exactly where they need to go
  • There’s a kenku camp marked on the map they found in assassin’s room
  • Bucephalus gets some bad firebark burns, Nyana gives him weed to help
  • They finally make it to Kenku camp, a couple dozen kenkus playing and partying
  • Bucephalus begs for firebark treatment, Nyana and Guppy with him
  • Balasar stays back and hides in woods
  • One kenku recognizes them from episode on the way to Ichigo
  • Bucephalus gets treated, but they all get stuck in cage in wagon
  • As the festivities continue an old kenku tribe leader summons younger kenku
  • This one is an origami master, and he will now use the Silk Page
  • Surely this will make the kenku tribe a force to be reckoned with!
  • Only problem is that the kenku did a terrible job folding the Silk Page
  • Page comes to life on its own, transforms into a dozen different beasts
  • The Silk Page slaughters the kenku camp in a matter of seconds
  • The Silk Page overlooks the carnage and start talking to party
  • Silk Page says they’re designed to grant most powerful person immortality
  • When asked who the most powerful person is, party says Page shouldn’t bother
  • Page shouldn’t have to accommodate for other people
  • Be the leader of its own destiny, nobody’s worth Page’s power!
  • Page is distraught by this, goes on existential bend for a moment
  • Eventually decides that it should be the one to lead world
  • If nobody’s powerful enough, then Page should rule
  • Not exactly what party had in mind
  • Silk Page thanks party for its self-actualization, will now go on warpath
  • Anybody who does not submit to Page’s authority will be seen as threat
  • Including Kawa, Kiri, and Paper Dragons
  • The Silk Page starts generating massive army from Ream pages
  • Leaves group with parting gift: an ogre made of Ream page
  • Boss Fight: Paper Ogre
  • Ogre wrecks the wagon cage, injuring and freeing most of party at the same time
  • Balasar actually gets a lot of good hits in with spears and battleaxe
  • Guppy helps, but him and Bucephalus get KO’d
  • Nyana unleashes the beast, uses thorn whip to tear ogre apart
  • Now, where did the Silk Page go?
  • Party takes a rest, heads back into woods to check on party wagon
  • Hokan’s dead, but Tevlin survived attack from Silk Page
  • Party decides to head to Sanjuro City
  • They can try warning Lord Mayor of invasion and clearing their names!
  • Tevlin’s got a broken arm, but they race against Silk Page to Sanjuro City
Report Date
26 Jun 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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