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A male dark-elf and ranger from the former elven kingdom of Kiri Clan. Facing discrimination and limited job options in Younashi, Blackwood found more potential in exploring the dense woods of the Koulan Forests and hunting down rare beasts for Sardivelian merchants. In 910 he agreed to help a team of adventurers traverse Koulan's dense forests to rescue a camp of Sardivelian lumberjacks and return them to Mokazai. Along the way he made the acquaintance of famed adventurer Nyana and chided her for breaking three of his silver arrows. He began to admire her druidic powers, and in the years to follow he would help her protect the forests from future fiendish attacks. He only apppears in Mokazai once or twice a year to pick up supplies, spending much of his time with Nyana helping her take care of Forest.

Physical Description

Special abilities

  • Ranger, Gloomstalker
Current Location
Year of Birth
807 124 Years old


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