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Raised in the dense Koulan Forests of the Northern Territories, Nyana is a female wood elf and devout worshipper of the nature god Aowyn. Despite being one of the most influential figures of the 870's Kiri-Kawa-Oda War, most of her early years remain a mystery to historians of the period.   She appeared in the port city of Suika in 875, assisting a band of adventurers in their campaign against Empress Chomei of the Kiri Clan. Their adventure was funded by a minor tribe known as Oda Clan, and by the war’s end the kingdom's size and influence had grown exponentially to cover more than a third of the Northern Territories. Perhaps because of her personal connection to the Koulan Forests, she held a deep enmity for the powerful entity known as the Silk Page that terrorized the region in the late stages of the Kiri-Kawa-Oda War. She ardently defended Sanjuro City against the Silk Page’s invasion, and according to eyewitness accounts she delivered the killing blow to the Page in Craxi in 876.   The dagger used was forged by a disgraced drow exiled from her homeland, with no records left to confirm the current location of the weapon. While her fellow adventurers used the glory of their campaigns to obtain influential positions in Oda Clan, Nyana vanished from the world stage as quickly as she appeared. Claims of sightings come from the occasional merchant traveling through the Koulan Forests, but with no verifiable appearances since 876 Nyana’s whereabouts remain one of the greatest mysteries of the 4th Cycle's ninth century.   The most reputable sighting of the past four decades came from a band of adventurers tasked with rescuing Sardivelian loggers from the Koulan Forests in 911. The adventurers claimed she was originally hostile and attacked one of their members, but cooler heads prevailed and she was convinced to help the party defeat the fiendish entity terrorizing the camp. She formed a close bond with a dark-elf ranger named Blackwood, who disappeared into the Forests after receiving his reward for rescuing the loggers. Her life in the years since remains a mysterious, Blackwood keeping silent during his biannual journeys back into town.
Current Location
Year of Birth
741 190 Years old
Dark Brown
Chestnut Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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