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The Colony

A sentient network of trees and fungi that encompasses the entirety of the Lotan Conservation. More than five thousand years old, The Colony protects the creatures within the Conservation's borders from poachers and foreign intervention.

Divine Domains

Life, Nature, Death, Protection

Tenets of Faith

  • To defend and protect the fragile ecosystem of the Lotan Conservation
  • To oversee the cycle of life and death in the dense jungles of Lotan, ensuring each species is preserved from generation to generation


  • Equinox Day: at the start of the spring season, worshipers of The Colony celebrate a period of fertility as creatures awake from their winter hibernation and begin their mating seasons.
  • Solstice Eve: At the start of each winter, ritual sacrifices are performed by Lotan's blue dragonborn to maintain the ecosystem's balance
Ageless One Status
Divine Classification


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