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North Watch

A small town about a week's journey north of Gameria in the Nestorian Mtns.. It was the site of many refugee camps during the Fairouz Terror of the 870's, but in the years since it has become a vital manufacturing hub for processing the raw metals mined from Ravi.


  • 98% Human


King Cosmere's new kingdom of Gameth was met with hostility by the continent's inhabitants, its first major resistance coming from the metallic dragonborn of the Nestorian Mtns. Seeking to secure the area surrounding his newly-founded capital of Gameria, King Cosmere organized a band of soldiers to establish a military keep in the mountains to keep watch on the dragonborn armies. As the kingdom of Gameth spread beyond the moutains to encompass the entirety of Liat, North Watch remained a vital military outpost in the fight against dragonborn subterfuge.   Centuries after the extermination of Liat's dragonborn, North Watch transformed from military outpost into transit hub for travelers seeking passage beyond the walls of Gameria. North Watch's mountain roads and trails saved thousands from the monsters and abominations devastating the countryside during the Fairouz Terror, providing many with a sense of security during one of Gameth's most uncertain times.    Following the Avicennan War of the 870's North Watch underwent another transformation to become a manufacturing hub for Gameth's new industrial empire. Seeking to be one of the leading technological powers of the technological age, factories popped up all over town to fuel the kingdom's explosive growth. The town has even become a site for several top-secret military projects, including Gameth's budding airship operation.
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