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Veridan Solidor

The love child of an elven lord and a fey woman of the Golden Forests, Veridan grew up with a close connection to the supernatural and whimsical. After graduating from Mulane College in Noggin he traveled across Pescat and the southern isles of Liat, mastering the arts of entertaining and seducing the wealthy into tipping him generously.   At a performance in Silvio in 896 he was persuaded to join the Characters after witnessing two of its agents murder an Elflands duke, but the organization’s violent methods proved too much for a light-hearted bard. He deserted his party on the outskirts of Thork, sleeping in a new manse or tavern every night and keeping a low profile to avoid scrutiny from the Characters.   His powers of suggestion and charm barely kept him afloat, and after two months on his own he began to get desperate for a steady income. Piecing together rumors about The Mariner and the Characters’ war plans, he arranged a meeting with Banquo Avon (Elfland’s head of intelligence) to reveal this info for a generous fee at an out-of-the-way tavern in Ardin. This clandestine meeting was interrupted, however, by the very same party he’d abandoned several weeks prior. Banquo and his agents were killed, and Veridan was destroyed by a series of well-placed Eldritch blasts. His soul was interrogated and consumed by Wilbur Whately.
868 896 28 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Wilbur Whately


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