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GHG Session 1: New Recruits, Hard Truths

General Summary

Month 8, Week 3, Year 918
Today marked a new day in the Gilded Hecat Guild's history, marking the changing of the guard as a new generation of adventurers sought wealth and power and glory for themselves. Ysmyrelda Starr and Phaedra were some of the first to arrive, taking a nametag from a beleaguered Kirby and staking out the competition from a table by the walls. Music played from glyphs inscribed on the ceilings as liquor poured freely from the bar, an adventuring party in full swing.     Argus and Windred Ozlow arrived not long after, striking up a conversation with the druid Mieszko Nowak from the Redscale Rumblers. This GHG team had already made a name for itself clearing out a nest of gnolls close to Bahamut's border with Rakka. Mieszko showed off the other members of his group, and encouraged Argus and Windred to find some extra adventurers before taking any jobs. It was around this time that Ys and Phaedra decided to give an impromptu performance of an old Elflands tune from the early 800's, a show that no doubt would've brought the house down 70 years ago.    Kirby quickly used some bardic magic to get them offstage, rushing back to the front of the GHG tavern when a disheveled Zan'kiri appeared in blood-soaked clothes. After several of Argus' pirate yarns these adventurers eventually made each other's acquaintance, checking to see if they could endure each other's quirks before taking a job. Hauntings, disappearances, monster raids, and pirate bounties were just some of the jobs available for GHG members with destinations reaching to all corners of Southern Pescat  This newly-gathered group debated the merits of the different ventures, but after a totally fair vote they decided to deal with the hauntings in the Treeleaf Union city of Ardin. While no one person was chosen to lead the group, it became clear that Phaedra would be the party's face in diplomatic situations and that Zan'kiri could be trusted on as a neutral party to break ties.    So this newly assembled band of adventurers spent the rest of the night gathering intel about the ghosts terrorizing the Treeleaf Union. There was an influx of elven spirits after the Sunken God's Reign of Terror, but most of them remained in the ruins of Kassædeia and stayed peaceful unless provoked. Some external force may be triggering these ghosts to be more aggressive, but the party couldn't figure out what until they traveled over to Ardin.    About the travel. A train ride from Thork to Galway could take them most of the way there in less than a week's time, but the cost proved prohibitively expensive for these new adventurers. Phaedra struck a deal with Medrash the ticket keeper to cut rates in half if the party agreed to hunt down a wanted criminal named Ilariano Vivaldi. With their tickets purchased for tomorrow, the party rested for tomorrow's long day of journey.    Suspicious after the day's events, Windred discovered a new tattoo on her left shoulderblade in the same writing style as her others. All it said was 'On the right path'.

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23 Mar 2021
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