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Lakefinder Session 1: All Support, All the Time

General Summary

Month 8, Week 3, Year 935
  A new summer day dawned in Dhyrlonis, eager adventurers racing to the Gilded Hecat Guild's HQ to nab the newest contracts. Hunting gnolls in Rakka, investigating landslides in Broggfey, and slaying a sahuagadile in Sabha all appeared to be the most lucrative quests that day.    A group slowly formed to tackle the Sabha mission: a tea-loving kenku, an overeager yuan-ti, a Gamerian doctor, a halflfing well-versed in legalese, and a person who walked with deliberate (almost robotic) movements. Karly the halfling handled the administrative side of things, meeting with Jar-of-Bugs and obtaining the name of a contact to meet with in Sabha's capital of Orem. Meanwhile Leena and MESA analyzed the team's strengths and weaknesses, concerned by the group's lack of a frontline fighter.    Regardless, with 200GP on the line the party quickly set out for Sabha after a night of researching sahuagadiles at GHG HQ. Rubbing enough gold pieces together to afford a train ride to Silvio, they sailed on the Karaga Sea for several days until arriving in Orem. MESA did odd jobs around the boat to pick up some extra money after all the traveling expenses, just in time for the adventure that awaited them in the desert.

Rewards Granted

  • 20XP - Showing Up

Character(s) interacted with

Report Date
30 Apr 2024
Primary Location
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