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"Through centuries of oppression we've been sheltered and warmed by Luthic's hearth. After so much suffering, is it too much to ask for a land of own?" -Brogg the Accuser at the Treaty of Iverburg proposing the creation of Broggfey, 898, 4th Cycle.
Similar to elves, orcs have been known to intermarry with nearby races wherever their territories are. Powerful fighters with a strong sense of justice, half-orcs have come in many shapes and forms over the centuries. Although the typical half-orc is thought to be partially human, there are recorded cases of half-orcs with dragonborn, goblinkin, dwarven, and even goliath blood. Many half-orcs have flocked to the newly founded oricsh nation of Broggfey in Southern Pescat, but others have chosen to travel the world as adventurers to show the world what orcish people are really like.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

  • A majority of the world's half-orcs live in the modern-day nation state of Broggfey in Southern Pescat. When the territory was under the control of the Elflands Empire the region's orcs intermarried with many of the nearby humans and dragonborn to create the half-orcs of today.
  • Orcish tribes in the Northern Territories have intermarried with many of the human people of Kawa Clan and Oda Clan. While many half-orcs continue to live in the orcish settlements, some choose to move to larger towns and cities and embrace modernity.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
75 yrs.
Geographic Distribution
Proliferation: Uncommon   Stats/Rules: PHB

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