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"Through centuries of oppression we've been sheltered and warmed by Luthic's hearth. After so much suffering, is it too much to ask for a land of own?" -Brogg the Accuser at the Treaty of Iverburg proposing the creation of Broggfey, 898, 4th Cycle.
When The Ageless One rose to power at the start of the 3rd Cycle, they banned the worship of deities deemed evil by the Ageless One's pantheon. This included orcish deities like Gruumsh, Yurtus, and Shargass, all accused of corruption and encouraging orcs to succumb to their basest impulses. Thousands of years later many still view orcs as warmongers, but the dawning of a new industrialized world calls for the assistance of orcs as much as any other race on Ekal. Orcs have a strong sense of justice in the world, and the newly founded orcish nation of Broggfey's vow to tame the wild Fey Plains could reshape the landscape of Southern Pescat for centuries to come.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

  • A majority of the world's orcs live in the modern-day nation state of Broggfey in Southern Pescat. The orcs here feel as though they have an urgent responsibility to tame the unpredictable Fey Plains and prove to the rest of the world that orcs can govern a nation-state of their own. 
  • Small tribes of orcs live on the fringes of society in the Northern Territories, maintaining spartan lives in the wilderness and disdaining the region's industrialization. Worshiping Luthic and nature spirits like Yo-Na, these tribes have managed to keep their independence despite the fluctuating politics of the region's constant warfare. 
Genetic Descendants
50 yrs.
Proliferation: Uncommon   Stats/Rules: Volo's

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