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Beleren Hazid

A human male and veteran member of the Royal Knights Brigade. One of Gameth's greatest spies, Beleren was drafted in 897 to join the RKB on its expedition to defeat the Sunken God. His ruthless assassination methods and dogged commitment to carrying out a mission made him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. He fought at the Battle of Kassadeia in 897, and he serves as a double agent for the anti-occult group The Shroud. He retired from the adventuring life to train a new generation of heroes for the Royal Knights Brigade with his partner Kacie Whately, known as a strict instructor for his demanding standards. After the RKB merged with the Gilded Hecat Guild in 923 he retired from adventuring altogether, spending his later days as a senior advisor to Medraad Le Fey and the Shroud.

Physical Description

Body Features

  • Aged 10 years after being frightened by a ghost in Chernenko.

Special abilities

  • Rogue, Assassin

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Beleren grew up in poverty in the streets of Gameria, forced to fight for every scrap of food in the city's lowest level. During the refugee wave of the 870’s caused by the Fairouz Terror he made a name for himself as the leader of one of the town’s largest gang of thieves. In the years following Fairouz's defeat in 876 he finally found stable work for the anti-occult group The Shroud and rose up the ranks of the budding organization as an expert spy.   In his homeland of Gameth, Beleren worked as a double agent gathering information for Queen Astrid's government while forwarding some of that same intel to his handlers in the Shroud. When a position opened up in the Royal Knights Brigade following the party’s return to Gameria in 897, he quickly convinced the Queen to allow him to join the party on its campaign against the Sunken God. Used to a life of solo missions, the team dynamic proved challenging for Beleren as his constant orders grated the nerves of his allies until they forged closer bonds fighting back wave upon wave of Sunken God forces. On the day of the Gleb Invasion Beleren was the one who identified that the sailors Colin and Gregory had been turned into deep scions in service of the Sunken God, and his top-notch investigating skills helped the party piece together clues om the monstrous deity's plans for global domination.   In every dock and port of call he urged the local officials to band together into a coalition to defeat the Sunken God and his sahuagin horde. After nearly a year of sailing around Pescaliat defeating the monstrous deitiy's forces, a coalition started to form in the fall of 897 as half a dozen nations banded their fleets together and sailed for the ruined city of Kassadeia to seize it from the Sunken God's clutches. The Royal Knights Brigade joined this coalition on its voyage towards the Elflands and the Sunken God in Kassadeia, defending the city of Noggin from sahuagin abominations and traveling into the ruins of Kassadeia to confront the monstrous deity head-on. Together with the rest of the RKB he defeated and contained the Sunken God, saving the world from a new era of chaos and destruction.

Aged and tired from his expedition with the RKB, he settled into a life at Gameria's royal courts selling intelligence to the Shroud and keeping an eye out for future threats. In 899 he was approached by Helena Lockmere to serve as an instructor in her revamped version of the RKB, training a new generation of fighters and heroes with his strict teaching style. He's been less eager to teach ever since the RKB merged with the Gilded Hecat Guild in 923, choosing to spend his later years focused on spycraft and surveillance for the Shroud.
Current Location
Year of Birth
861 70 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
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