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Redscale Rumblers

A team of adventurers working for the Gilded Hecat Guild. The first of the GHG's second generation of adventurers, they became local celebrities in the summer of 918 for clearing out a pack of gnolls on the Bahamut-Rakkan border. The Rumblers are most famous for their adventures in the Fey Plains of Broggfey, but after a mission in Rakka's Underdark shrouded in mystery the group disbanded in the summer of 919.


Tatyan likes to speak in lengthy speeches and fancy language, but the party still finds time to cut loose and relax between missions. Mieszko gets to fish, Night in the Woods has time to be melancholy, and Fax gets time for his daily four-hour workouts.

There Are Fates to Be Made!

917, 4th Cycle - 919, 4th Cycle

Adventuring Party
Parent Organization


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