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The Inky Scale

A quaint bookstore in Sabha's capital of Orem. Several blocks away from the Grand Bazaar, the store acts as a front for the yuan-ti Garden Snake Committee led by Maris Sissava.


When Maris traveled left her homeland of Despero to found a new band of yuan-ti followers, she wanted a headquarters that reminded her of home. Sabha's capital city of Orem proved to be perfect for her needs, a combination of Anthep's desert climate and Havre's cosmopolitanism. After several years she managed to find enough yuan-ti to establish a new movement devoted to Merrshaulk and modernizing yuan-ti society known as the Garden Snake Committee. In 905 Maris purchased a failing bookstore to use as the group's official headquarters, an inconspicuous hideout that gave her access to hundreds of rare books and intel.
Founding Date
905, 4th Cycle
Shop, Generic
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Related Report (Secondary Locations)

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