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HHI Session 3: Drinks with a Hag

General Summary

After agreeing to obtain a dowsing rod from a hag for the legendary hero Flora, the party stocked up on items at the The Grand Bazaar before heading out into Sabha's wilderness. Ithilwen bought herself a scimitar for close-range encounters, Mavis sent a telepathic message to The Gatekeeper to update him on everything they'd discovered in Orem, and Ownka meditated on the group's previous encounters. Forgetting to hire a thri-kreen sherpa for their desert trek, the party headed out into the wilderness to where Flora said the hag dwelled.
Ithilwen's guidance through the desert kept the party on track, avoiding any dangerous encounters on the way to the hag's cottage. Flora told the party that the hag was named Auntie Jadoogar and lived in an alcove in the foothills of the massive Temeraire Mtns.   Upon entering the mountain range, the party discovered a small alcove where the atmosphere felt more humid and swampy compared to the arid desert they'd been traveling through. Pools of muddy water and bony trees filled the clearing, while a small thatched-roof cottage rested beside a giant cliff face. A large hairy creature rested near the cottage tied to a post, and the party debated whether they should wake it up or not. The group agreed to have Mavis go up to the cottage's front door and encourage the hag to come outside, after which the rest of the party would give her the jump and kill the hag.   Naturally, the plan fell apart in a matter of moments. Ithilwen and Mavis made it to the cottage unnoticed, but Balasar's and Ownka's lumbering through the swamp alerted several vine monsters hiding in the pools of muddy water. These blights lunged at the two adventurers, restraining Owka in their vine-like tendrils. Ithilwen shot off several well-placed arrows at the blights while Mavis incinerated one with her 'Hellish Rebuke', giving Balasar time to attack the blights restraining Ownka. The orcish cleric freed herself by killing the blights around her, but some long-range shots to the back knocked her unconscious. Once all the blights were dealt with, Ithilwen rushed over to revive her fallen ally.   The large creature was still asleep near the cottage, but a bony figure stood at the cottage door silhouetted by the warm glow of a fireplace. Auntie Jadoogar, appearing calm despite the fight that had just broken out in her front yard, invited the party into her cottage for an evening meal. Mavis tried fast-talking the hag by saying she was a hag herself, but Auntie Jadoogar wasn't having any of it. Once the party was reassured that the stew would be vegetarian (with no gnome meat in sight), the party went inside the cottage while Ithilwen stood watch outside near the front door.   Auntie Jadoogar's cottage was split between a small kitchen on one side and a large collection of curios and items on the other. The party explained how they came there to find a dowsing rod for Flora, and the hag said that it would cost the party dearly to get such an item. But the price couldn't be paid in gold: Jadoogar had a fascination with probability and chance, and she was always eager to find an excuse to bring more chaos into the world. Noticing Balasar's sorcerous powers, she offered to give the party the dowsing rod if they would let her make the dragonborn's wild magic even more unpredictable. The hag gave them all some first-batch Joseph Daniels to sweeten the deal, which was just enough to get everybody on board. Immediately Balasar felt his magic grow more unstable, releasing a wave of wild magic that made everybody in the cottage vulnerable to piercing damage for one minute.   Finishing up their drinks, Auntie Jadoogar explained how she was getting lonely in her cottage and wished that she could have a couple of hags join her coven. Mavis called up The Gatekeeper to see if he'd be interested in joining, but he flat-out refused (he was done being a team player). Encouraging the party to send any hags they met on their adventurers towards her cottage, she gave them an old leather satchel as a gift for being such thoughtful guests. The satchel appeared to be sealed shut by some spell, but Jadoogar promised that the satchel would unlock once the party was strong enough to handle its contents. She also gifted the group a playing card (a three of clubs) that the party could use to communicate with her by tearing it in half. Ownka took both items for safe-keeping. With their business complete, the party left the swampy cottage and began moving back towards Orem.
Making it back within the walls of Orem, the party gave the dowsing rod to Flora and received their payment for a completed mission. Flora could tell that the group had failed to kill Auntie Jadoogar, so she only gave them 1,000GP to split. Mavis tried to intimidate the legendary hero for more money, but the group parted ways with the cleric and called it a day.   The other party members helped Balasar pay off some of his debt to Sabha, reducing the fine down to 600GP. Balasar mentioned the assassination contract he'd checked on a couple weeks before, so the party agreed to take it on as their next mission.

Rewards Granted

  • The party received 1,000GP for obtaining a dowsing rod for Flora
  • Balasar paid off more of his fine to Sabha, with 600GP left to pay
  • Ithilwen bought a scimitar
  • Auntie Jadoogar gave the party an old satchel sealed with some arcane lock

Missions/Quests Completed

Gatekeeper Missions
Survey Sabha
  • The party has arrived in Orem, capital of Sabha
Survey Kiri , Oda , and Kawa Clans
Survey Sheyuan
Survey Broggfey
Side Quests
Exterminate a nest of Ankhegs terrorizing the Sabhan countryside
  • Reward: 200GP per Ankheg head split among the party
Assassinate a halfling member of Sabha's Parliament named Oswalt Hogcollar
  • Reward: 600GP split among the assassins
  • The mysterious contractor promises future missions if the party's successful

Completed Missions
Obtain a dowsing rod for Flora from a hag's cottage in the western hills of Sabha
  • Reward: 1,000GP split among the party
  • The party failed to kill the hag

Character(s) interacted with

Report Date
18 Jul 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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