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Yasamin Rostami


A female goliath and Queen of the kingdom of Sabha, 893 - 926. Her father passed away after a reign that lasted half a century, and the largest challenge of her rule's early years involved dealing with the influx of refugees from the Sunken God's Reign of Terror and the collapse of the Elflands Empire. Many of the kingdom’s peoples fled political persecution at the hands of the Elflands ruling class, and many of them were suspicious of this wave of high elves seeking shelter from the chaos. After the Treaty of Iverburg of 898 many of the refugees returned to their homeland in the Golden Forests, but the crisis completely realigned Sabha's politics and the monarchy's position in the modern era.   In the 4th Cycle's tenth century Sabha found itself in the throes of a new crisis as a the growing merchant empire of Sardivelia constricted trade into the kingdom. Reactionary politicians elected to the kingdom's parliament saw enemies everywhere, calling for war with Sardivelia and a purging of yuan-ti from the capital of Orem. Queen Yasamin proved to be a stabilizing force during these tumultuous times, sidelining the most radical parliamentarians so more moderate coalitions could be formed. As trade from the Karaga Sea dried up thanks to Sardivelian interference, she oversaw the chartering of safer trade routes across the Campanel Desert towards the Despero city of Anthep. Ultimately Sabha had to accede to Sardivelia demands by 921, but Yasamin's leadership provided the kingdom with some much-needed dignity amidst so many crises and conflicts.     She passed away in 926, with the mourning period lasting for over a month in the capital of Orem.  
834 926 92 years old
Circumstances of Death
Died of old age
Place of Death
Ruled Locations

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