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CoS Session 20: Aldo's an Enemy

General Summary

  • Back in Gameria, news of the war with Avicenna has already spread
  • Fallworth Lockmere wants a meeting ASAP
  • He’s disappointed by the party’s results, but he understands that war was an inevitability
  • He pays them for mission, mentions how Cosmere's Mayor insisted the bomb was defused
  • Now it’s time to prepare for war
  • Fallworth says the party will be traveling more, spending less time in Gameria
  • He hands each of them gold rings with green wrapped around the sides, Fallworth says they can use them to communicate with each other over long distances
  • They’ll be on a ship with a Gamerian crew
  • Final preparations in Gameria
  • Nikolaj checks on Rexfur temple near the palace, it’s getting bigger with more people showing up
  • An old priest named Carnahan is taking care of things
  • They just had to hire bouncers to deal with unruly templegoers
  • Oh, and Nikolaj gets 300GP from Assaj for the fang he stole
  • Party checks out vessel, The Castellan
  • The party meets with Cpt. Theron, a veteran captain who got her ear cut off in a diplomatic conflict with Avicenna
  • And she’s single, Roland
  • Nikolaj and Elan do some bonding, mock Roland’s failed attempts to flirt
  • Meanwhile in Kanara ….
  • Aldo has a meeting with Gen. Boua
  • He suggests they try to assassinate Fallworth
  • Boua whole-heartedly agrees
  • The party departs for Myltev
  • Falloworth says there’s a captain there who’s been consolidating control over several of the islands
  • Get on his good side, and that may help keep shipping routes open in the Gulf of Gameth
  • The captain? Tarkov (nice trip down memory lane for Roland)
  • Sebastian also buys a cow named Bessie for the trip for all the milk he drinks
  • The voyage to Vostok is surprisingly safe and uneventful
  • Sebastian takes care of Bessie, but she gets sick
  • Elan hangs out with Tilda, the Castellan’s surgeon
  • Roland flirts and goes on a date with Cpt. Theron, they start to bond and talk
  • They arrive at Vostok, some dangerous-looking guys are there to take them to Tarkov
  • Cpt. Theron takes care of the ship while they’re gone
  • They meet with Cpt. Tarkov, and he’s not happy to see them
  • He puts a knife to Roland’s throat, but Roland talks him down
  • Tarkov also doesn’t like Elan since she’s Catriona’s sister
  • Negotiations go on for a bit, they offer Tarkov thousands of GP per year to stop attacking Gamerian ships
  • He’ll take it, but he also wants them to do something
  • There was an explosion in the countryside, and livestock’s disappearing
  • The party should check it out, let him know what it is
  • Better hurry though: some Avicennans are hunting it down too
  • Nikolaj is still pissed at Tarkov, sees him as nothing but a thief and fraud
  • Roland has to hold him back before he ruins the negotiations
  • So party gets ready to go check out explosion
  • Sebastian gets some medicine for Bessie
  • They haggle with old stablemaster to get some old horses
  • After a couple of days they get to the crater
  • Lots of trees uprooted/pushed back by force of explosion
  • They slowly make their way to center of crater, and it’s a statue of a pig
  • It’s on the heavy side, and it’s radiating celestial power
  • Roland starts packing it up, but then they hear a familiar voice
  • Aldo’s there with his right-hand-man, Willard Grimsbane
  • The two of them are there to destroy the mystical statue for Boua
  • Roland doesn’t want that, so I guess they’ll fight
  • Boss Fight: Aldo and Willard
  • Roland commands the two of them to leave, and they leave :/
  • The 'Command' spell lasts for an hour, so they at least get a head start
  • When they get back to the horses, Rexfur is there waiting for them
  • He’s got a little request for them while they gallop and talk on the way to Vostok
  • Rexfur explains how the portal Valdemar opened really messed up the world
  • The portal disturbed the fabric of the planes, gods are moving around more frequently now
  • E.g. That statue is Shep, the god of livestock
  • This is going to upset the balance of the pantheon, somebody needs to take over
  • Rexfur believes he should be the one to take over
  • Fairouz is working to create a dark pantheon of chaotic gods
  • Gen. Boua wants to destroy all things magical/celestial
  • So while the party’s adventuring, he wants them to keep an eye out for the gods
  • Shep will be his first addition to the New Pantheon
  • Make sure they join Rexfur’s pantheon, don’t piss them off
  • Sebastian’s skeptical as hell, but rest of party says why not
  • The party makes it back to Vostok to meet with Tarkov
  • They tell him about Shep and the celestial power, he believes it
  • Shep vanishes to join Rexfur in his new pantheon
  • Tarkov says he won’t bother Gameth if Gameth won’t bother him
  • Before Roland leaves Tarkov tells him that Arthur was spotted in Myltev
  • One of his agents spotted a couple of guys near Oblast
  • That evening they have meeting via the rings with Fallworth
  • He’s pleased the deal went well, they’ll get paid at next city
  • Fallworth assigns them their next mission, go to Sardivelia to help Paoli Piedmonte
  • There’s a turf war going on with the other noble families, and Paoli needs backup
  • As one of Gameth’s largest financiers, Paoli's needs are important
  • However, Roland wants to head to Oblast to confront Arthur
  • The party debates it that night
  • Nikolaj wants to go help Paoli, but the rest of party sides with Roland
  • They tell Fallworth about their decision the next morning
  • He’s disappointed and worried about the consequences, but he understands
Report Date
26 Jan 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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