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CoS Session 10: Queen Astrid's Coronation

General Summary

  • Heading back to Gameria
  • Things are looking better, fewer refugees and monsters on the road
  • They run into the villager from earlier, he's no longer cursed with lightning powers
  • Catriona gives him a hug, only gets a little static shock
  • Arrived at Gameria
  • Rumors have been circulating about Astrid’s return, and a massive legit festival breaks out
  • People cheer and welcome Astrid as she heads to palace
  • Kells tell party to join Astrid in the royal palace
  • In the royal palace King Nestor VI looks old and tired, but glad to see his daughter returned home
  • Kind words are exchanged, then Astrid asks for her father to abdicate the throne
  • Nestor is initially shocked, he didn’t expect to be challenged like this by his long-lost daughter
  • Roland vouches for Astrid, says he’s seen her perform powerful ceremonies
  • With Astrid's persuasiveness, a teary-eyed Nestor removes his crown and leaves the throne to Astrid’s care
  • Fallworth tells party to meet him at his office in couple of hours once after witnessing this awkward reunion
  • Once the party takes a moment to settle back in their old tavern, they go to Fallworth’s office
  • He’s there at his desk, but there’s also a guy in bulky clothes and mask as well
  • Fallworth’s relieved that his plot to replace Nestor went so well, pays them each 750G
  • A little less pleased, he says that Paoli has requested one of his men join the party
  • Apparently Paoli's loyalty to Gameth is contingent on having say in further missions
  • New guy’s name is Nikolaj
  • The party’s shocked, acts like they’ve seen a ghost
  • Asked if it’s the same Nikolaj from sunken ship, he removes his mask to reveal nothing but a skull
  • Catriona faints, Roland’s wariness of the undead kicks in, and Aldo's fine with it
  • The party returns to the tavern with Nikolaj, Catriona says she needs proof from Nikolaj that he's the real deal
  • Nikolaj racks his head, remembers he has an old pendant Catriona gave him
  • Roland, Aldo, and Nikolaj have some rounds of Joseph Daniels (the drink just spills down Nikolaj's chest)
  • Roland presses him for details on his resurrection
  • Nikolaj says a deity named Rexfur brought him back to life
  • Apparently he was looking for new disciples
  • Plus Nikolaj used to worship him back in his circus days in Myltev
  • He made it to land, then Rexfur guided him to Paoli
  • Paoli’s made some offerings to Rexfur lately
  • Paoli was reasonably freaked out when he first saw Nikolaj’s skeleton
  • After Nikolaj explained situation, Paoli accepted the arrangement and the new ally
  • He’d been looking for a way to have more influence in the party, and Nikolaj proved to be the perfect opportunity
  • So for a few weeks Paoli helped Nikolaj train, decked him out in armor before shipping him out to Gameria
  • He made it there a couple weeks before rest of party
  • Aldo thinks Nikolaj is pretty cool, Roland is still reluctant to trust an undead
  • Especially if that skeleton has loyalties to Paoli
  • Catriona returns from a walk around town to clear her head, Nikolaj shows her the pendant he held onto from shipwreck
  • This convinces Catriona, but she’ll need time to process Nikolaj's new features
  • The Coronation of Queen Astrid I occurs later in the week
  • She gives big inspiring speech about leading continent into new era
  • Hakon and Gameth are officially reunited
  • Avicennan policy of inspecting Gamerian ships is stopped
  • Catriona works on her staff she carved on way back from Trecce
  • It tells story of their adventures, including a little skull to represent Nikolaj
  • Roland writes letter to Paoli, just to check if this deal with Nikolaj is legit
  • He goes to fighting pits, wins 3 out of 4 fights
  • Also gets his battle-axe blessed for 1d6 radiant damage
  • Aldo buys some upgraded armor, works on a smuggling job to get 200G
  • Notices some graffiti celebrating the Fish Man, his drunken persona
  • Turns out a bountiful food shipment arrived in Gameria after his fish-headed bender
  • People put two-and-two together and celebrated Fish Man for the boon
  • Nikolaj purchases a poisonous balm to heal him for 2d8
Report Date
03 Nov 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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