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CoS Session 11: Fighting Spirits, Pt. 1

General Summary

  • Catriona has to go to Hakon to take care of ailing father
  • Roland, Aldo, and Nikolaj are in Gameria by themselves
  • Nikolaj helps set up new restaurant
  • Aldo puts up poorly-drawn propaganda about Gen. Boua Ussaki
  • Roland tries to go to fighting pits, but it turns out Shank's having problems
  • Somebody’s trying to step in on his fighting pit turf: his brother Shoat, recently fled from Avicenna
  • Shank wants Roland to rough up Shoat and send a warning
  • So Roland goes to Shoat’s new place, the Six Fists
  • Roland to roughhouse with the bouncers, but they let him in
  • Roland tries to play both sides, but Shoat says there can only be one fight pits organizer in Gameria
  • When Shoat orders Roland to burn down Shank's fighting ring, he pretends to agree
  • But instead he goes back to Shank and tells him Shoat’s plan
  • Shank says he’ll burn down the pit if he can get Fallworth to cover the insurance and make his operation a legitimate business
  • At the tavern Roland fills Aldo and Nikolaj in on the plan
  • Nikolaj already has a way to get inside, and Aldo only has to pay a 5GP entry fee
  • Next morning they all go to Fallworth’s office to explain the situation
  • Fallworth sings on to the plan, he's been wanting to crack down on crime now that Astrid's in charge
  • Arresting an underground kingpin would look great
  • He’s reluctant to give Shank license to run a legal fighitng pit, though
  • But he relents when Shank agrees to work as an informer for the Gamerian government
  • Fallworth will shut down the Six Fists with a group of guards
  • Party needs to stall and catch Shoat before then
  • Before they leave, Fallworth has a private chat with Aldo
  • He can sense that Aldo’s loyalties are leaning towards Gen. Boua, so he gives him a warning
  • That night at the Six Fists
  • Roland makes it through three rounds of fighting before getting wiped out
  • 1st round is a one-hit KO for him
  • 2nd round a new Gamerian fighter beats him up
  • 3rd round a Sardivelion cleans the floor with Roland
  • Meanwhile Aldo and Nikolaj sneak up to the 2nd floor to catch Shoat
  • Nikolaj has Roland’s immobilization oil on his daggers
  • Aldo casts a spell that gives them both +10 stealth
  • In the office they hear Shoat talking to somebody
  • Nikolaj can see it’s a Sardivelian, hard to tell who though
  • Aldo makes diversion, places Boua pamphlets on Shoat’s desk
  • They sneak out, but not before hearing Sardivelian mention the Court of the Undying
  • The Court’s trying to get into Gamerian criminal underworld!
  • Sounds like Court’s planning shipment in a couple weeks
  • By the time of the third round’s end, Fallworth raids place with a dozen of Fallworth's guards
  • Nikolaj and Aldo wait for Shoat in all the chaos
  • Turns out Shoat’s trying to escape through office window!
  • Nikolaj stabs him a couple times
  • Shoat falls paralyzed onto Nikolaj, Aldo has to lift him off and hogtie the overweight kingpin
  • They also capture the mysterious Sardivelian, but he transforms into a Court of the Undying lich
  • The Sardivelian disappears in a haze of smoke/bluish-yellow fire
  • Nikolaj and Aldo move Shoat downstairs to Roland and Fallworth
  • Nikolaj describes Court member to Roland, and Roland knows it’s Firenze
  • Fallworth takes Shoat back to his office for questioning
  • After some grilling, he says Firenze is planning a smuggling operation in a couple of weeks
  • Shoat won't specify what it’s for, but he did see representatives from Gameria's Craftsman’s Guild at the meetings
  • Firenze plays his cards close to chest, he wants Court to do more covert ops
  • The next day Shoat is put on trial and charged with treason
  • Aldo gets a new book from Elgort to read to improve reading/penmanship, the 1,500-pg Romance of the Five Kingdoms
  • Nikolaj meets with his poison supplier, Assaj Ferrith
  • He asks about any shady contracts to do, she gives him a list of targets
  • Lots of illegal, hard-to-obtain ingredients that he can steal
  • Roland meets up with Shank to see how he’s doing
  • He tops by Temple of Helm to ask about a terrible deity named Vos
  • Priest there tells him about how Vos killed Willem, one of the founding deities in Liat's pantheon
  • Vos represents all the evil and dark urges of humanity, he sided with the monstrous deities of the Far Realms during the Ostry Apocalypse
  • He defied Willem’s hospitality
Report Date
17 Nov 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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