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CoS Session 12: Fighting Spirits, Pt. 2

General Summary

  • Back at the tavern, the party regroups and plans out how they'll gather intel about the Court of the Undying in Gameria
  • Roland tells them about Vos, they decide to investigate Craftsman's Guild
  • They need more clues to figure out what Firenze is planning
  • So they all head out after drinking some Firebolt whiskey
  • Craftsman’s Guild is on the 2nd lvl of Gameria
  • The team hides in bushes while they wait for a blacksmith party to end inside the guildhall
  • Nikolaj sneaks in the back, Aldo crawls up to the 2nd floor balcony
  • Roland just crashes down door, alerts burly guy patrolling upstairs
  • Roland and Nikolaj get into a big fight with the burly guy and his giant hammer
  • Aldo checks through ledgers upstairs, finds record of an incoming ship for the Lord Mayor of Gameria?
  • Aldo then runs downstairs to join the fight
  • Burly guy goes into beast mode, but Aldo delivers stunning blow
  • The guildhall is in shambles, and the party drags the burly guy’s body into a back-alley
  • Burly guy’s name is Varrit, works for Lord Mayor
  • It looks like he’s working with Firenze, who requested specialty chests designed by the Craftsman's Guild
  • The chests are for rare books, but why?
  • Who knows, Aldo kills the guy
  • They take the corpse to Willard Grimsbane, Aldo’s skin guy (don’t ask)
  • They make 30GP from the body, so good work I guess?
  • The next day they tell Fallworth about how Lord Mayor’s involved in plot
  • Shoat is executed for treason
  • Fallworth points out Lord Mayor to party at execution
  • Fallworth discusses plan to obtain proof of Lord Mayor’s involvement with the Court
  • He hands them Mayor’s itinerary, warns them to avoid murdering Mayor
  • On the itinerary there are a lot of political functions, also a meeting with ‘A Sardivelian’
Report Date
24 Nov 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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