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CoS Session 13: Fighting Spirits, pt. 3

General Summary

  • So the party gathers intel on the Lord Mayor and his associations with the Court of the Undying
  • Roland goes to Gilded Mug, fancy tavern that Lord Mayor frequents
  • Roland talks with Neville, the Lord Mayor's secretary, about his boss' schedule
  • At the Gilded Mug he also runs into a Red Hand member on the 2nd floor
  • The Red Hand agent explains how the group split apart after the Court of the Undying meeting in Trecce
  • Azrael’s side is called The Handgun
  • The side still loyal to Court is called The Three Fingers
  • Firenze’s from the Grappas noble family, is taking over the criminal empire
  • Roland thanks guy for intel, heads back to tavern
  • Aldo follows Lord Mayor’s carriage around town
  • At one point the Mayor goes into the National Archives, Aldo follows inside
  • He sees Mayor arguing with Elgort, and the Mayor leaves with an ominous warning
  • Aldo chat’s with Elgort a bit before following Mayor around some more
  • Nikolaj stakes out Lord Mayor’s mansion
  • Notices a guard change at noon and evening, only a couple of guards
  • Back at the tavern that night
  • Roland, Aldo and Nikolaj share their findings for the day
  • They have an idea of Mayor’s schedule, but no way to pin him to Firenze
  • Guess they’ll have to wait until meeting with Firenze and Mayor to get more intel
  • The next day: Roland, the paladin, acts like a rogue and snoops around the Three Fingers hideout
  • He walks into the bar and sees Firenze in the back
  • Bartender won’t serve him (Sardivelians only, he says)
  • Roland sneaks into back alley, hears some gossip from Three Fingers thugs about Firenze
  • Nothing insightful, they’re just ready to leave Gameria
  • Roland sees Firenze in the upstairs office, he climbs up side of building to eavesdrop
  • It takes a while to climb up there, he only gets the last end of the conversation
  • Firenze’s giving orders to put plan in motion, etc.
  • Roland sneaks inside office and steals Firenze’s plans
  • Turns out Firenze wants to steal rare books from the National Archives about the Court of the Undying and dark summoning rituals
  • He had specialty boxes made by the Craftsman's Guild to smuggle them
  • The Lord Mayor is giving him cover in the city to get on the Court's good side
  • Once the books are stolen, they’ll burn the Archives then flee to the ship
  • Roland gives this intel to Fallworth, it’s the smoking gun they need!
  • Fallworth’s elated, sending guards to Archives to warn Elgort
  • Aldo’s had a more chill day
  • He read more of Romance of the Five Kingdoms, gets third of the way through it
  • Nikolaj gets some ingredients for Assaj
  • She wants raven’s talons/feathers, and there’s a rich old lady with an old raven on Gameria's 1st level
  • The bird’s like 100 years old, he breaks into her fancy house’s aviary
  • Nikolaj gets what he needs, but raven causes ruckus and wakes up all other birds
  • Nikolaj crashes through a window, but he escapes and gets 150GP for talons
  • Roland fills party in on his lucky break, they decide to break into Mayor’s mansion that night
  • May as well get more proof of collusion while they’re having productive day
  • Aldo and Nikolaj sneak into mansion, Roland watches them from street
  • Aldo finds some letters from Firenze in Mayor’s study, takes them
  • He hears thud from Lord Mayor’s bedroom, goes to investigate
  • Aldo finds the Mayor dead with a Three Fingers assassin about to burn the place down
  • When the assassin sees Adlo/Nikolaj, he decides to attack them first with a 'Fireball' spell
  • The assassin misses, but now the place is on fire
  • Aldo tries to fight, but there are guards coming (not good odds)
  • The party escapes, Roland helps talk their way out of run-in with the town watch
  • Back at the party's regular tavern, Fallworth is there
  • Turns out Firenze feels cornered after today's events, so he's burning all his bridges in town
  • Fallworth says Shank was murdered, and he’s seen Three Fingers agents all over the city
  • They have to go to Archives ASAP to make sure the place is intact
  • One quick beeline to the Archives later the building is still there, but the guards out front have their throats torn out
  • Inside there’s a dying guard, and Elgort’s being interrogated by Firenze
  • Elgort gets thrown against a bookcase, is unconscious for a bit before fleeing
  • Boss Fight: Firenze the Undying
  • Firenze lets off a lot of fire attacks, starts burning down Archives
  • Queen Astrid's newly minted fire squad is on its way, but they’ve gotta be quick
  • Aldo takes some bruises, but he fires off a lot of arrows
  • Roland really puts that radiant damage to good use
  • Nikolaj stabs Firenze a couple times, but he’s not that stealthy
  • Roland delivers killing blow, Firenze is slayed before he can vanish
  • They run out of Archives before the fire engulfs them
  • Astrid's fire guard arrives, extinguishes flame with an elemental spell
  • Fallworth is there, shaken but relieved that the Archives are still standing
  • He tells them to return back to home tavern and call it a night
  • A long, long rest later
  • There’s an officer in the tavern there telling them to go to Fallworth’s place
  • Fallworth says the city’s still recovering from last night’s chaos, but it could be worse
  • The remaining members of Three Fingers were purged from city
  • Some of Lord Mayor’s assistants were arrested for collusion
  • He tells party to take it easy for now while Fallworth cleans up mess
  • Roland checks on Shank’s fighting pits operation
  • He finds Shank’s second-in-command, Magnus, sifting through the burn wreckage of Shank's old fighting ring
  • Magnus agrees to continue construction of legitimate fighting pit
  • Roland agrees to vouch for him with Fallworth and get documents signed
  • The ship that was supposed to smuggle out the rare books from the National Archives arrives at dock
  • Fallworth’s officers are there at the pier to arrest and interrogate crew
  • Aldo does some shopping for some new weapons, Finds some flaming arrows to use in Gen. Boua's longbow
  • After some searching he finds a frozen ice blade from Pescat for 300GP
  • He also reads a lot more of Romance of the Five Kingdoms
  • Roland checks on Magnus to see how the fighting pits' repairs are going (they’re working on it)
Report Date
01 Dec 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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