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DW Session 19: Introductions are In Order

General Summary

  • Party is escorted to Gameria by Shroud agent Gwendolyn Ra, a kenku
  • Elan does some flirting, convinces Gwen to go on a date with her
  • Ride to Gameria is uneventful beyond that
  • In Gameria, there’s a lot of reunions and uncomfortable meetings
  • First the the party gets an audience with Queen Astrid
  • They tell her everything, but keep details about Amara’s death and Wilbur Whately's assistance fuzzy
  • Astrid feels regretful, vows to avoid reckless adventures like this in the future
  • But she formally invites party to rejoin Royal Knights Brigade
  • Jax decides to join RKB, Adam and Elan both retire from the group
  • They’ll meet a couple of new recruits at Maxwell’s tavern The Thousand Faces that night
  • Next, Adam breaks the news about Amara to Roland
  • Roland starts bawling, has to take a moment to compose himself
  • Adam can’t say whether Amara’s body is at rest or not
  • It did fall from a pretty high tower, though
  • Roland’s devastated by the news.
  • Next, Astrid and Elan have a private meeting
  • Medraad wants Astrid to arrest Elan for helping Wilbur escape
  • She’s not doing that, but she is concerned about Wilbur’s power
  • She requests Elan to go to Dunwich with her royal guard Kells to investigate this warlock
  • If possible, bring Roland to help with mission
  • It may do him good to be on the road again
  • Elan agrees, tells Roland about the plan
  • He agrees to plan, but can’t promise that things won’t get violent
  • He sees Wilbur as just another evil cultist
  • He tells Elan to give his great axe Redemption to Jax
  • Meanwhile, Jax gets harassed by Paoli Piedmonte
  • Paoli bribes Jax to spy on the RKB during the upcoming adventure
  • Jax agrees, you can’t say no to 500GP per message
  • Also, Paoli has a request if Jax ever comes across Giovanni Rosso
  • Stab him in the nuts
  • Later, the party heads to Maxwell’s Thousand Faces tavern to meet the new members: Flora and Beleren
  • Flora is painfully shy, reading from Erivo’s sacred texts and drinking only water
  • Cereus and Jax are intrigued
  • Especially when it’s revealed that she’s only one year old!
  • She was summoned/created by Temple of Erivo to fight evil
  • Beleren’s there, but he doesn’t immediately go over to introduce himself
  • He works the room, hanging out at different tables through the night
  • Eventually, he urges the party to meet with him at quiet booth
  • They go over plans for upcoming adventure, threats they’ll fight, etc.
  • Elan stops by for a drink, gives Jax Roland’s great axe
  • Later she gets dinner with Gwendolyn
  • Gwen doesn’t mind that Elan has beef with her boss Medraad
  • They have a lovely and intimate night together.
  • The next day the party returns to the palace to go over their first mission
  • Adam and Cassandra have headed west for Noggin
  • Roland, Elan, and Kells have headed north for Dunwich
  • Queen Astrid says that Sunken God is still a threat, but no clear intel yet
  • Thousands of refugees are fleeing the region
  • Hordes of sahuagin are plaguing Kassadeia and surrounding areas
  • She wants more intel on how to deal with monstrous deities like the Sunken God
  • Which is why the party's first mission is to go to Faouzia
  • If there’s a chance they’ll learn about Sunken God, it’s there
  • Astrid is also worried about Myltev
  • She invited Tarkov along with Paoli and Ekrem of Avicenna to discuss Sunken God
  • They haven’t received word from Tarkov in over two months
  • Are they planning something?
  • Party debates best form of transportation when sailing around Myltev
  • Suddenly, a guard rushes in saying Myltevian pirates are attacking Gameria!
  • Down on the city's third level, half of the dockyards are ablaze
  • First Fight: Swashbucklers, Kraken Priests, and Valentin
  • Party has to do a bit of dashing to get to ships
  • Some pirates have already boarded one ship and started killing sailors
  • Jax and Beleren board, both of them kill at least one pirate each
  • Jax absorbs damage like a pro
  • Beleren shoots one guy in the lung!
  • Flora summons spirit guardians, heals up Jax
  • Jax cripples a pirate sorceress, tosses her overboard
  • Last surviving pirate jumps overboard to rescue her
  • Cereus attacks from the docks, recognizes Valentine as ringleader
  • He casts ice storm and fires off crossbow several times.
  • A blighted wave forces Valentin and his pirates to move forward
  • Jax rushes onto Valentin’s ship, grapples in a one-on-one fight
  • Manages to lift Valentin’s hulking frame and toss him against rails
  • Valentin teleports away, but Myltev pirates are forced from the docks
Report Date
12 Jan 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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