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CoS Session 2: Festival Entertainment

General Summary

  • Roland Fireheart and Catriona Quinn finally arrived in Gameria , capital of the the kingdom of Gameth
  • The town guards gave Catriona a hard time due to her Hakonian heritage, but she convinced them to let her through
  • A festival's underway, marking 25 years since the kidnapping of King Nestor VI's only daughter
  • Roland and Catriona head to The Thousand Faces tavern and decide to have a few drinks.
  • Aldo Snaggletooth is at the same tavern, getting drunk on Joseph Daniels
  • After a while they all go outside to watch Gameth’s foreign minister give a big speech
  • Gameria was carved into a mountainside with the city divided into three separate levels, so there are plenty of spots to view the speech from
  • Aldo and Roland were both pretty drunk at this point
  • Halfway through the speech the foreign minister was shot by a crossbow, the town is consumed by chaos
  • Catriona gets apprehended by local guards, Aldo notices a thug with crossbow running away
  • Roland and Catriona have to haggle with Gamerian sheriff Fallworth, explaining how they just got into a town a few hours earlier
  • He lets them go, so long as they find the killer by the day’s end
  • Meanwhile, Aldo follows the presumed thug to a safe house
  • Aldo tries to sneak inside, but he crashes face-first into some crates
  • The thug dressed in yellow (Vesk) and his friend in green come out to beat Aldo up
  • Roland and Catriona hear a clattering sound as they leave Fallworth's jail
  • They run a few blocks over to where Aldo is getting trounced
  • By their forces combined, they knock out Vesk and kill his friend
  • Aldo saves green guy’s body for later to skin (don't ask)
  • The team brings Vesk back to Fallworth's jail for questioning
  • Roland gets violent and intimidating, and with Aldo’s help Vesk relents and confesses to the assassination
  • He mentions the name Marcelo, points out his hideout on a map of the city
  • Fallworth orders them to investigate, promises he'll pay them for work
  • Aldo and Roland bond over some Joseph Daniels before heading out
  • Fallworth apologizes for suspecting Catriona, gives her some gold as compensation
  • The party then heads down to Gameria's lower levels near the docks to confront Marcelo
  • He’s holed up in a creepy house with a blue roof (3 stories, part tavern)
  • A feeling of dark magic fills emanates from the house, the party hesitates for a moment
  • But the tavern door opens on its own, a thick wave of mist flowing out the door
  • A spectral voice beckons them upstairs
  • Inside they find a haggard man standing under single lantern
  • He cracks manic grin and starts slashing at them
  • The madman gets in a few good hits, but the team wears him down
  • Madman slits his own throat as final move, summoning an undead specter named Marcelo
  • Marcelo taunts Roland, mentioning the rise of the Court of the Undying
  • Now the real fight begins
  • Catriona nearly dies, Roland gets axe stuck in column, and some rogue produce flame attacks set fire to the tavern
  • But Catriona lands a perfect shot and Marcelo vanishes
  • Roland and Aldo haul the madman's body out of burning tavern
  • It looks as though the man had been possessed by Marcelo to the point of insanity
  • The party returns to Fallworth to give him news about the plot and the Court of the Undying
  • Turns out Vesk killed himself in his cell at around around the same time as the fight
  • Fallworth rewards them for the job, tells them to stay in Gameria for a week
Report Date
22 Aug 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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