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CoS Session 34: Killing Two Birds

General Summary

  • Party is called to Queen’s Palace for first Royal Knights Brigade mission
  • Aldo’s launched the airship, and it’s heading south!
  • Will he attack the kraken? Castle Faouzia? Gameria?
  • The ship needs to be stopped at all costs
  • Fortunately there is a device that will help party get there
  • Roland takes them to a hangar etched into northern mountain on town’s edge
  • Inside is a magic hot air balloon with a spacious gondola/basket
  • What makes it fly? The left hand of Theo Faust!
  • The left hand is pumped to see everybody
  • Literally deflates some when told about Sebastian’s death
  • But he perks up when he finds out Catriona is a magic user too!
  • Everybody gets on board, time to head east again
  • It takes a couple days to get to Usurum Ocean
  • Catriona catches up w/ Nikolaj, been a year since they’ve chatted
  • They see the airship, guards on observation deck
  • Ship makes abyssal noise, summons kraken from the depths
  • Bombs drop from airship, killing ancient kraken in moments
  • Party tries to mess with Aldo and crew while Theo makes air balloon invisible
  • Catriona casts wind wall, pushes a couple people overboard
  • Medraad notices his dad, Gaheris, is steering the ship
  • He casts 'Telekinesis', pushes dad through navigation room
  • Lifts him up in air, drops him once ship moves away
  • Gaheris is dead, y’all
  • Aldo, paranoid and freaking out, gets into meched-out carriage
  • Shoots crossbows wildly, none of them hit air balloon
  • Party then gets Theo to move balloon to the belly of the ship
  • They find a propeller slightly scarred from Medraad’s attack back in Scylla
  • Bomb bay doors make for best target though
  • Medraad blasts a door open, Catriona casts fireball at explosives
  • A massive chain reaction of explosions tears middle of ship apart
  • There’s enough of an opening to go inside and destroy propeller
  • Catriona, Adam, and Nikolaj jump onboard
  • Adam lifts a couple of bombs on his own, carries down hallway to propeller
  • When the team heads safe distance away they get face-to-face w/ Aldo
  • He’s wielding cross between crossbow and submachine gun
  • Starts ranting about losing Boua and Willard, firing off at party
  • Does a good bit of damage on Adam, Adam reciprocates
  • Catriona fires fireball at bombs, destroys propeller room
  • Aldo unleashes electric grenade, but Adam knocks him out
  • Carries Aldo’s unconscious body out onto air balloon
  • Party flies away on Theo’s air balloon, watches airship crash into ocean
  • Aldo wakes up a short rest later, tied up by Nikolaj
  • Starts swearing at party, saying they’ve completely ruined Avicenna’s empire
  • Party’s not regretful, explain they’re taking him to Gameria for trial
  • Aldo struggles, Nikolaj kills him out of pity
  • Nikolaj is sad he had to kill a friend, sullen for rest of trip
  • Party’s returned from mission, gets paid 750GP for assignment
  • Roland, Nikolaj, and Catriona catch up for old time’s sake
  • They reminisce on Aldo, wish they could’ve saved him as ally
  • Nikolaj goes to Temple of Rexfur
  • He has thought more about taking on role as High Priest
  • But he Wants to do more missions for Queen first
  • Elan and Catriona catch up
  • Medraad meets with the Man in Black
  • Man in Black a little concerned he killed Gaheris so easily
  • He also warns about disturbances in ocean with the kraken’s death
  • Queen Astrid holds a meeting with the party
  • They don’t tell her that they killed Aldo on way back
  • Astrid advises that she wants party to head up to Ravi with her
  • Avicenna almost completely defeated, need to deliver final blow
  • Ravi’s natural resources will be vital for future of Gameth
  • Once that’s through, complete attention can be focused on Fairouz
  • They’ll need more allies from Myltev and Pescat
  • Party agrees, though they’re eager to confront Fairouz
Report Date
08 Jun 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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