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DW Session 21: Wrapping Up a Naval Battle

General Summary

  • The party regroups in Queen Astrid’s royal chambers
  • Half the Gamerian fleet was wrecked
  • The pirates that jumped overboard escaped
  • There was another pirate ship nearby that also fled
  • Beleren suggests that the Queen stay in Gameria
  • Queen refuses, she doesn’t want any of them to die
  • They’ll set sail in a week
  • With money gained from defending fleet, party goes on shopping spree
  • Beleren buys fancy clothes, ball-bearings, sack of flour, and elixirs
  • He flat-out lies to almost shopkeeper he deals with
  • Jax goes shopping at Ozma’s Oddities, a magical curio shop in Gameria's 2nd lvl
  • He buys two driftglobes, oven mitt of fish command, and a broom of flying!
  • He also stops by the local brothel (of course)
  • Flora prays at the Temple of Erivo
  • Cereus tags along, he’s developing a crush on her
  • They pray together with High Priestess Alma for upcoming mission
Report Date
20 Jan 2020
Primary Location

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