The realm of beardsgaard The History of the World Timeline

The History of the World

World • The Dawn Age

1000 OA 1 OA

The time where Êl and Angolon alone explored the world

World • The Age of the Creation

0 OA 99 AF

The first 100 years when Êl and Angolon dreamed into being the Firsts of each of the nine races, and a great many after them until the Realm was buzzing with its first peoples.

World • The Exploration Age

100 AF 299 AF

World • The Growing Age

300 AF 499 AF

World • The Age of Heroes

500 AF 799 AF

World • The Legacy Age

800 AF 1199 AF

World • The Age of Craft

1200 AF 1499 AF

World • The Revolutionary Age

1500 AF 1799 AF

World • The Mortal Age

1800 AF 2100 AF