Dwarforged Species in The Realm of Beardsgaard | World Anvil


In the early days of the Age of Aggression, the Ironwoods felled by the Dwarves were used to make weapons, tools and armor. But as the Giants of superior size pushed back on the Dwarves of superior number, they turned the sacred trees of the Giants into weapons against them.   The Dwarforged Warmachines were forged from the heartwood of the Ironwood trees, and given life by some ancient deep earth magic that neither modern Dwarves nor Giants don't understand fully. Taller than Dwarves, but still far smaller than Giants, the Dwarforged were as strong as any giant of the old world.   After the Wall of Winds and the defeat of the Dwarves, the Warmachines no longer fought against the Giants, wandering aimlessly over the lands. The council of Glamrengwen had them all collected to the Ironwood Temple for research and study.   The ancients were able to reattune the Dwarforged to the Ironwoods themselves, and they were thereafter known as Dwarforged Sentinels, not Warmachines. Then, instead of protecting their Dwarven masters, they instead protected the trees with extreme prejudice, from Dwarves and even Giants.


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