The Realm of Beardsgaard 'Tis a silly place.


Created by Beardsgaard Barbers & River Peak Apothecary in Batavia, Illinois
They say marketing is just storytelling, and perhaps because of who we are as people, we went super literal with that. And then it escalated quickly.   Beardsgaard is a beard-centric, nerdy af mom and pop barbershop in a little town down by the river called Batavia in Illinois, an hour-ish west of Chicago, opened in 2014.   One day we made a map of the Realm of Beardsgaard. Then we started making products (with a whole separate company, River Peak Apothecary, located right in the center of the Realm), and those products became locations on that map. Then we started writing elaborate mythology, doing photoshoots, making art, all stuff that is technically to show the internet what our products smell like, but we would do even if it wasn't work, because we can't stop creating this world we love.   Now we play in this world every other week (on Twitch!) with a gang of adventurers, and if you're following their...well...adventures, this is the repository of world information. If you like spoilers, you can get WAY ahead of the actual players, and even the written mythology in this fantasy world crafted out of the pieces of the myths and legends and stories of our world.   Welcome to the Realm, nerds.




Shadows of the Void

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Why must cults always be opening portals to eldritch horrors? And how's the underpants scorcher involved?

The Histories of the Realm of Beardsgaard