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Home of the Day Elves, sparkling streams, delicate woods, and elegant cities in the trees.  
Day Elf
Species | Feb 24, 2023

The Day Elves of the sun and springtime in the sun dappled forests of Alfheim

  Alfheim is the most traveled of the elven kingdoms, and especially in the region nearest Midgard, settlements are bustling forest hubs of trade, both in raw goods and fine crafted items. This is the place most go for magical potions, items and ingredients, as well as the most finely crafted garb and gear.  


Alfheim measures 225 miles across, and 75 miles north to south, with mountains to the north, the deep River Sírphen making the eastern and southern borders, with a western coastal shore.


The climate all over Alfheim is rather idyllic, neither overly hot nor cold, slightly warmer in the southeast and cooler in the northern and southern borders of the western shores. Springtime temperatures hover in the mid 60s, with summer in the mid 70s, and winter only in around 50 degrees.

Natural Resources

Alfheim has the widest variety of trees in all the realm, most bearing fruit or flower at some point in the year, and some all year long, edible, medicinal, and useful plants like bamboo growing in the forests, meadows, and along the banks of the many streams and rivers. The forests are more plentiful with game here than anywhere else, but is rarely hunted except as part of delicate conservation measures, and when it is, every part of the animal is used. The coastline is not long in Alfheim, but between the rivers and oceans, there is endless bounty. The plains and rolling hills are rich and fertile, making Alfheim the breadbasket and agricultural hub of the elven lands
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