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Kingdom of the Fire Elementals

Home of fire in all forms, lava and volcanos, dark mountains, hot sand beaches, fire elementals, fire giants, dragons and more.  
Fire Elemental
Species | Jan 15, 2024

Primordial Fire Elementals in the southeastern volcanic firelands of Muspelheim

  Ringed by a range of dark jagged mountains and volcanoes, afire to the west with cooler spires of rock to the east, Muspelheim is entirely uninhabitable to mortals. If the fire and heat don't get them, the smoke and fumes will.    Some immortals and those with Fire Elemental in their bloodline can inhabit the cooler reaches of Muspelheim, especially near the southern shore, a hot spot of a beach resort town.  
by Natalie Anderson • Beardsgaard Barbers


  • Social Organization: *
  • Social Norms: In larger settlements and places where there is a melting pot of species, There is utmost formality and hierarchy in nearly every aspect of society, until the libations start flowing, or the music begins to strain, or any hint of a party rears its head. Then all the lines begin to collapse until the next morning.
  • Food: Fire itself is the source of energy for Fire Elementals, but some of Legacy heritage, especially in the tourist hotspots, enjoy the fruits of the sea and landbound fire creatures.
  • Fashion: Most elementals are "clothed" in the same materials they are made of (smoke, flame, stone, etc.), if at all, but armor is quite elaborate.
  • The Arts: The arts in the elemental lands are not dedicated to pretty paintings, but to the craft of great palaces, magic weapons, talismans and artifacts. In Muspelheim, there is a great appreciation for dance, athletic feats, storytelling and oral history, some of which is employed by the royal houses of Asgard.
  • Religion: Aside from fire and magic themselves, Fire Elementals consider places holy or sacred, not other beings or deities.
  • Languages, Proficiencies, Skills: One of the few places in the Realm where Common Gaardic is not particularly common, favor falling to Old Gaardic, although Primordial is the official and most widely spoken language of the kingdom. Infernal is known by any with a demonic family tree, or with an inclination toward evil or deep fire magic. Draconic is commonly known by dragonkind of course, but also by many in the mountainous areas of Muspelheim.


Muspelheim measures 125 miles across and 75 miles north to south, ringed by jagged black spires of rock, the seaward edge exploding with fiery volcanoes, with a few lonely peaks in the center.


The climate in Muspelheim is constant, seasons do not touch the godlands of Shavehalla. Within the kingdom, the eastern and southern coastal edges are slightly more temperate and can be withstood by most elementals without specific fire blood, but the northern and western borders are lava hot.

Natural Resources

Stone, fire, and the gems created by the immense heat and pressure are nearly the only natural resources of Muspelheim, although some scrubby plants do grow in the cooler inland mountain border regions. Creatures and monsters roam the lands, a good food source for the few inhabitants who have need of food.
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Muspelheim Kingdom Traits
Character Building: Dungeons & Dragons 5E
Generic article | Nov 15, 2023

How to build your D&D 5E character in the Realm of Beardsgaard

Flame Touched: Proficiency in the Deception (Cha), Investigation (Int) or Performance (Cha) skill, and you can speak either Primordial or Infernal.
  Fire Friend: You have always had a way with animals, especially this one kind. While you cannot speak to or understand the language of them, you have a nonverbal way of communicating thoughts, ideas and concepts with animals from your chosen group: Embercinderi (fire insects), Ignifowl (fire birds), Pyrotheria (fire beasts), or Draconia (dragons). At the 5th level, you CAN speak to them.

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