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The gods in the south, flanked by ice and fire and ringed by billowing clouds were the only beings in the realm to alter their the fur of their faces with blades of their own devising, blades so sharp they sang when they passed over jaw and chin. This place Êl and Angolon called Shavehalla.
  Shavehalla is home to the gods and elementals of the realm, the actual Gods, Fire Elementals and Water Elementals in Asgard, Muspelheim and Niflheim. While each of the three Kingdoms within Shavehalla is independent and none answers to the other, the Gods in Asgard are the face of the region to the rest of the realm, as the elemental Kingdoms are not exactly welcoming to the wider world.   Magic is intrinsic and part of the inhabitants' very being here. Indeed, the Prime beings of these lands can only venture outside them with difficulty, dampening their power in the process, or even damaging their bodies, especially in the case of the elementals.  
Geographic Location | Jan 27, 2024

The kingdom of the Gods, of prismic light, pristine sands, noble mountains, tropical beaches and gilded parties, eyed by great winged beasts from the skies

Geographic Location | Nov 15, 2023

The kingdom of the Fire Elementals, of lava and embers, ringed by charred black spires of rock and erupting volcanos, with living fire walking the baking lands

Geographic Location | Jan 27, 2024

The kingdom of the Water Elementals, of rivers and glaciers, shrouded by mists, with liquid creatures floating through the sometimes solid lands

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