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The Webs of Inter

When the world was first formed, the creator danced over the world to bring it to life. The paths Êl followed are etched into the Realm, but invisible to most, ley lines that criss cross its surface known as the Webs of Inter.  
Ley Lines layer
  Where those lines cross, however, you find a stitch in time, or the hole where two stitches pull in opposite directions, and one can fall through. To just about anywhere. Middle Earth or Gallifrey or this nerdy little barbershop in Batavia, Illinois, really, anywhere.   Some areas, the far north and south poles, were more crudely drawn in the making of the world, and reality is thin there. Not only are there plenty of places to fall through time and space and realities, things tend to fall the other way too.
Natural Wonder
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