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Kingdom of the Dwarves

Home of the Dwarves (and Gnomes), inland is a land of dense mountains with vast, cavernous cities beneath, while toward the sea the surface is salt scourged rock plummeting into the depths, while in the undermountain you find warmth and gruff good humor.  
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The Dwarves of the eastern rugged mountains and deep caverns of Nidavellir

  The southern reaches of the kingdom are well traveled with good roads for trade and traveling upper class, while the northern reaches are treacherous roads through valleys and mountain passes, but a great deal of the region can also be traveled underground.  


Nidavellir measures 275 miles across, and 150 miles north to south, run through with mountains with a deep basin in the center.


Nidavellir's climate is generally cool, colder in the north, warmer in the south and east, and damp along the coast, thanks to the frequent storms crashing into the sea cliffs. In the central regions, spring and fall temperatures hover in the low 60s, summers get into the low 70s, with winters in the 40s, with occasional snowfalls. Underground the temperatures are consistent year round, getting either warmer or colder the deeper you go, depending on where in the kingdom you are.

Natural Resources

Nidavellir is richest in stone and the ore within it, gems, gold, copper, iron, coal and even Mountain Butter lie deep in the earth. Aboveground, the rivers are crystal clear, thick with fish in many places, and the the banks and mountains are dense with oak and pine trees. The woods are alive with boar, squirrels, deer and other game, while shaggy cows and brown faced sheep roam the foothills. For a place with such short folk, the chickens are as tall as humans.
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Nidavellir Kingdom Traits
Character Building: Dungeons & Dragons 5E
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How to build your D&D 5E character in the Realm of Beardsgaard

Earth Touched: Proficiency in the Athletics (Str), Intimidation (Cha) or Nature (Int) skill, and you can speak Dwarvish or Gnomish (choose one)
  Rock Friend: You have always had a way with animals, especially this one kind. While you cannot speak to or understand the language of them, you have a nonverbal way of communicating thoughts, ideas and concepts with animals from your chosen group: Rockstalkers (mountain predators), Cliffstriders (hoofed creatures), Earthdiggers (burrowing creatures), or Darkdwellers (sightless creatures). At the 5th level, you CAN speak to them.

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