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Kingdom of the Vanir

Home of the Vanir, ancient forests running in the dark valleys between tall mountains, rivers carved deep by hidden waterfalls flowing to the misted coasts.  
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Old gods of the elves in the northwestern green twilight mountains of Vanaheim

  Mortal travelers through these lands may never see a Vanir or a settlement, but they are there, well cloaked towers, ruins, and villages as well hidden in the woods by magic and the woods themselves. Indeed, Vanaheim is the capitol of Manegard, and the elves know it as such, but most, mortals especially, think of Alfheim as the center of Manegard.   If one knows where to look, Vanaheim is home to some of the most skilled healers, assassins, sorcerers and other artists of the ancient in the realm.


Vanaheim measures 250 miles across, and almost 300 miles south to north in a graceful arc sweeping into the Gaw.


Vanaheim's climate is cool but comfortable in the southern reaches, dewy and green, with spring and fall in the low 60s, summers in the high 70s, and winters only down into the 50s. North of Lhing Pass the weather is crisp, spring and fall average in the 40s, with summers only into the low 60s, and winters well below freezing.

Natural Resources

Vanaheim may be rich in natural resources, but much of their agricultural supply comes from Alfheim, whose climate and flatter lands are more suited to the practice. The forests here are the tallest and strongest in the Realm (except for the Ironwoods of Jotunheim), largely because they are allowed to grow, but their fruit, sap, nuts and seeds are important to the inhabitants here. Bamboo grows plentifully in the southern reaches along with powerful medicinal plants. Crystal caves are filled with glowing silk worms from which some of the most beautiful fabrics in the Realm are made.
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Vanaheim Kingdom Traits
Character Building: Dungeons & Dragons 5E
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How to build your D&D 5E character in the Realm of Beardsgaard

Shadow Touched: Proficiency in the Arcana (Int), History (Int) or Insight (Wis) skill, and you can speak Northern Elvish.
  Forest Friend:You have always had a way with animals, especially this one kind. While you cannot speak to or understand the language of them, you have a nonverbal way of communicating thoughts, ideas and concepts with animals from your chosen group: Shadowstalkers (large predators), Wingblades (birds of prey), Deadeaters (swine & ungulates), or Marshslippers (reptiles & amphibians). At the 5th level, you CAN speak to them.

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