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Home of the Gods, pristine sands, beaches, cenotes, tropical beaches and islands.  
Species | Feb 24, 2023

Golden gods in the southern deserts and mountains of Asgard

  While the majority of the gods are frivolous and live for revelry, especially in the tropical, beachy south, to the north, closer to the elves and elementals, there are scholars and healers as well. Asgard is populated almost entirely by gods, most of them royalty in some form, so a great many mortals and lesser immortals are required to keep the kingdom running.  
by Natalie Anderson • Beardsgaard Barbers


  • Social Organization: Asgardian culture is strongly divided by class, with the nobles living lives of leisure and occasionally commerce, and the lower classes finding pleasures and comforts where they can.
  • Social Norms: There is utmost formality and hierarchy in nearly every aspect of society, until the libations start flowing, or the music begins to strain, or any hint of a party rears its head. Then all the lines begin to collapse until the next morning.
  • Food: The fruits of the sparkling Gilded Sea makes up the primary diet of the upper classes of Asgard, as well as the rich and fatty meats of livestock, and the bountiful harvests raised in nearby pastoral Midgard. Elaborate pastry and stunning amounts of wine adorn adorn colorful feasts at most meals. The lower classes eat similar fare, but much more simply prepared, and with far more sea fare than the high tables.
  • Fashion: Even the servants in Asgard are dressed in fine light silks and linens that diffuse the harsh sun and allow the skin to breathe. Ofteh the wealthier one is, the thinner the fabric, although the detail of the stitching and overlay of materials are are more elaborate.
  • The Arts: Because so many live lives of leisure in Asgard, the arts scene thrives, in visual mediums and performance alike. Music is especially revered, and musicians the Realm over come to Asgard to make it big.
  • Religion: If Asgardians worship anything, it is their revered and departed ancestors, but some, especially of mixed God blood, will set themselves up as deities or patrons of mortals. Other than the reverence for magic itself, religion is largely absent in Asgard.
  • Languages, Proficiencies, Skills: Common Gaardic is spoken throughout Asgard, as well as Old Gaardic amongst the ruling class and any who work with them, but Celestial is the official language of the kingdom.


Asgard measures 140 miles across, and 125 miles north to south with a border of golden mountains to the northeast and a tongue of golden sand licking into the ocean from a mouth of towering sandstone mountain teeth.


The climate in Asgard is hot overall and dry through most of the kingdom year round, seasons do not touch the godlands of Shavehalla. The east is the hottest and driest, bordering the firelands of Muspelheim, with the west and its water elemental land border of Niflheim.

Natural Resources

Except for stone, sand and gold, Asgard is not particularly rich in natural resources, but it is very close to Midgard which is. Near the coast the trees are heavy with coconuts and other fruit, and hanging gardens are cultivated in many settlements. The deserts may seem empty, but come to life with creatures of the sand at night.
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