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Home of the Humans (and Halflings), rolling hills, rivers and streams emptying to dense swamps and tropical climates to the south and east.  
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The Humans of the southeastern rolling green hills and endless coasts of Midgard

  Midgard predates the Three Tower of Humanity, as the triplets that founded the three main cities of Midgard are known. Those cities are the three main hubs of trade in Midgard. Triwath, to the west, is the capitol, home of the laws of the land and the most detailed craftsmen in the kingdom. Tharbad, to the east, is a city full of wealth, trade, and agriculture in the outer reaches. Thaur, in the south, is a lawless city of illicit trade.


Midgard measures 250 miles across and 200 miles north to south, but takes up far less landmass than those dimensions might imply, the kingdom running on an angle with shattered coastlines in the south.


Midgard has relatively stable temperatures year round by season, with similar temperatures in the spring and fall, rising 10 to 20 degrees in the summer, and dropping by the same in the winter.

In the southern reaches, that spring/fall average is around 80 degrees and dry, with high 70s in the Ianu Belt along Muspelheim and the northeastern coast, with the central and northwest regions averaging the upper 60s to low 70s.

Natural Resources

Extensive forests with trees of more varieties than you will find anywhere outside the western elven lands provide plentiful lumber, fruit, nuts and seeds. The rich soil of the plains allows for plentiful agriculture, but in this land that never sees hard winters, the entire kingdom grows wild with edible and medicinal plants, especially the rich riverlands of the lower plains where the forests are lively with deer, fowl, rabbits and other game. The grasses and reeds where wild horses run in the sandy south are made into both thatch and sturdy cloth. The many rivers are full of fish, as is the sea along the plentiful coastline.
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