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Mist Spirit

Mist Spirits are powerful and lovely, ephemeral as the fog, and a favorite companion of the Gods of Asgard, where many are well appointed in the palace and royal enclaves. They most often reside in Niflheim with the Water Elementals, and while they are half Fire Elemental, they cannot withstand the climate of Muspelheim. They also fit in well with the Day Elves in Alfheim across the river.   While most mortal and even many immortals have a trade, Mist Spirits, like other elementals, don't have many needs, and thus many simply exist, experiencing their worlds.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Mist Spirit age stages take after whichever culture they are raised in, but all things being equal, they lean toward their fiery side in this regard. They reach full size around 20 years of age, but are still considered in their youth until the age of 100, at 500 they are usually done with their procreation years, and are considered an elder at 100 years old and beyond.
Legacy Beings take on traits of each of their parent species. A single Water Elemental far back in a long line of Fire Elementals will make for a present day Mist Spirit with mostly fiery characteristics, although there will always be a God or Vanir in between in the family tree.   Choose which of your parent species you take after more, then take the Stats and Prime Traits of that parent species, and the Legacy Trait of the other parent species.  
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Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
4-7 ft
Geographic Distribution

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