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Brood Dragon

All dragons sprang from the bowels of Asgard in the early days with the destruction of Honeyport, and over the centuries, winged their way to the most remote corners of the Realm.   Brood Dragons, found in Nidavellir, break from the solitary nature of their cousins. The queen is middle sized for a Dragon, but keeps thousands of stubby little workers in her colony, round and short legged, and twice the size of a cat.   The queen's diet mostly consists of the royal jelly made by her workers, but she is still a dragon, and likes the occasional living snack. Long ago the residents of Barassel Outpost made a deal with the dragon queen to defend her hive against overland attack from the dwarves, while she would defend them from seaward attacks. They also provide her treats of the more disagreeable travelers through Barassel in exchange for the settlement's own brood-keeping program.   The workers make the most complex, rich, delicious honey in the Realm...that kills most mortal humanoids instantly, and those it doesn't, they wish it did. This honey and the mead made from it is prized by the Vanir, and is kept distinctly separate from the rest of the stock. It is also prized by assassins. Each year, one of the mead makers takes a selection of the worker brood to Asgard, where they are raised on native dragon flower varieties stocks to render their honey safe to eat and brew.
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