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Fortress of Strongfell

A small but strong and sturdy castle nearly lost the winters and passing of the years sitting on a small mountain tucked in a crescent of much larger, nigh impassable mountains. This was the lone outpost that Humans managed to build in their explorations into Jotunheim before the Wall of Winds.   Not long after the Dwarves began exploring Jotunheim to the north, Humans followed after. Both species has ideas of great adventure, exploration and natural riches in the vast frozen mountains, and while the Dwarves built castles and harvested some of the greatest Ironwood trees the Realm had ever seen, the Humans built this one lone fortress and struggled constantly to keep it garrisoned.   Had the soldiers stationed at Strongfell ventured out to seek help from nearby giants, they may have found it, but instead they began to fight over rations and command. Once the food ran out, they ate what they could. All that remains of who once dwelled there are howls in the darkness on ravenously cold nights, usually in the mountains. But sometimes from inside the castle walls.  
by Natalie Anderson • Beardsgaard Barbers
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321 AF
Founding Date
196 AF
Parent Location
Overlay illustration by Brian Busch Studio


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