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Mount Blackfyre

Just over the border in Muspelheim is a volcano that is technically considered part of the godlands of Asgard. A castle sits at the mouth of Mount Blackfyre, the high seat of Fire God House Brand. The family has built a good industry on the mountain, but not always with good practices.   In these border mountains are a variety of stubby, heavily thorned bushes that produce rock hard, palm-sized black pods that look like dark beetles. When roasted and ground by the immense heat and pressure of an active volcano, the brew it produces is an elixir prized by the Gods, and anyone else with enough coin to get their hands on the roasted pods.   One day the elders of the family leave the castle and operations under the care of their adult children to make a journey to the capitol of the Gods. That very night Brandor Godsflayme and Brannith Godsflayme of House Brand throw an epic party that goes on for days upon days.   By the time the festivities wind down and the wreckage is righted, they remember their charge of tending to the roasting, only to find the mouth of the volcano swarming with ember bugs. The siblings must summon their courage and everything they learned from their Fire Elemental tutors to forge forth into the heart of the fiery mountain and set this right before their parents get home.
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