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Silverwing Falls

Rushing forth from the ice spires on the cliffs above, three waterfalls tumble, flowing around dry land that appears an island on a cliff.   When you walk beneath the water of these freezing falls, you can see random glimpses your past under the easternmost waterfall, your present under the center, and your future under the western falling waters.   Legend has it each waterfall once had a Celestial gaardian that would guide the scope of your visions, but that was long ago, and the gaardians are gone.
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Overlay illustration by Brian Busch Studio

The Silverwing One Shot

  Each season we go on a one shot Dungeons & Dragons adventure in one of our lore locations, all available on the Beardsgaard YouTube channel. See what happened when we traveled back in time and made our characters live through through some major historical events!  


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