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Near the center of Nidavellir is a sinkhole that became the most vast mine in all the Dwarven lands. Extending 50 miles in any direction as the crow flies, it extends five miles beneath the earth. A trip down is a journey through the planet itself, layered every few hundred feet with a different ore or mineral, sparkling in the lamplight.   In further tunnels and caverns one may find brand new creatures not found anywhere else, the Dwarves hunting, exterminating, farming or conserving those creatures as the current head of great house in control of the mine deems proper.   In the very deepest tunnels the earth gets soft, in places so soft it can be scooped by hand, although tools are used because that softest ore will melt against the skin into a rich golden oil. This substance, first discovered by Torech Gudhayr in 212 AF.  
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Founding Date
154 AF
Parent Location
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