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Torech Gudhayr

From the Deepwell mythology.   The abyss of Deepwell existed before the first beings of the Realm, but Torech's father was the first to begin mining it. As riches poured forth from the mouth of the earth, the operation grew, as did the family's wealth, expanding into establishing and ruling the City of Dath at the north end of the chasm. It was expected that as the eldest son, Torech would one day take over the business, but his interests lay elsewhere.   Not physically somewhere else, because his interests also lay in the depths of the earth. From the first descent, every entry into Deepwell was fraught with terrors and wonders, because these vast caverns were not empty. Creatures and monsters of great variety made their homes in the winding passages, all of which fascinated Torech.   As the upper levels were cleared or fled from the delving Dwarves, Torech went deeper to see what dwelled in the undisturbed places. The deeper he went, the less hostile the creatures became, whether by nature or because they had not yet experienced surface aggression, it is hard to say. With every visit to the depths, he discovered more creatures never before seen by eyes that had seen light, studying them, and every descent he found his new friends happier and happier to see him.   As the years passed, Torech not only showed no interest in the business of the mine, but would disappear into its depths for weeks at a time. His father became concerned, and sent his younger siblings to follow him.   On this particular occasion, he would be glad for the espionage. When his siblings rounded a bend in the underdark deeper than anyone else had ever been, they found their eldest brother surrounded by this small, squishy, slimy friends, stuck to his neck in a soft section of the undermountain, a quicksand of pure ore.   Freed and back on the surface in his father's chambers, the conversation quickly turned to the soft stone that still covered Torech's clothing, and the golden oil dripping from his hands.   This soft ore would ever after be known as Mountain Butter, used by the Dwarves for a great many things that required making hard things soft, from their beards to their rough, leathery skin to oiling the joints in their armor.   With this discovery serving as sufficient contribution to the family's legacy, Torech was able to convince his father to make his next oldest sibling, his sister, the heir to the family business, while he went on to create a foundation for the study, conservation and protection of the creatures that also called Deepwell home.
Neutral Good
166 AF 382 AF 216 years old
Circumstances of Death
Like many Dwarves, he perished in a cave in
Place of Death
3.5 ft


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