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The most northerly structure and populated place in Svartalfheim is only populated once per year, on the autumnal equinox for the yearly The Calling of the Void ritual. And it's barely a structure anymore, the crumbling saltstone pillars that once sat on an island in the center of a wide river trickling from the vast mountains along the northern rim.   Saltsteppes now sits in the center of endless salt flats in a cold northern desert. In the year 110 when the ritual went wrong and blew a hole in The Gaw, the chaos it unleashed leveled the riverlands into a wasteland before the tears were mended, although it has never been able to be sealed.   But still, the ritual must go on to bring the autumn to the Realm each year, despite the huge risks involved with opening a Gaw just enough to pull the waning energies through.
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Salt flat
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