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Mithrilon Treadwell

From the Frostwood mythology   Growing up a very average human child in the pastoral Village of Laeg did not prepare Mithrilon for the reality that his ancestors came from every Prime species in the Realm, and not only that, the powerful Blood of the Firsts of each.   It took him most of his life to confirm this, but his path became clear in his early adulthood when he was able to lay hands on and wield multiple Míresgal. His quest took him to every kingdom in his far longer than human life, and at long last to the Giant lands of Jotunheim, hidden behind the Wall of Winds.   There he found the final Míresgal, and, once united, magic changed in the Realm. Where once it was common even amongst the mortals, afterward the mortals began to lose much of their conscious magic, and generations of newer immortals showed fewer god-like powers than the oldest ones, especially those created in the beginning, but more ingenuity and forward thinking.
Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
Year of Birth
1100 AF 921 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born to a mysterious mother and raised by his father on a little homestead in Midgard
6 ft
The Saga of Frostwood in The Histories of the Realm of Beardsgaard

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Character Portrait image: by Natalie Anderson • Beardsgaard Barbers


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