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Tintril Brightspark

From the Magewick mythology.   Tintril was born to a Human mother in the Village of Eryn, a treetop village in the Ianu Belt. Her mother was a Half Elven beauty with a wild streak, just as likely to keep quietly to the trees like the rest of the villagefolk as to go toe to toe with raiding barbarians from the Village of Seregruth next door. It really depended on the day.   Tintril grew to have a sharp mind, bright and curious, flitting through the treetops to chase fireflies, study caterpillars, and sketch each and every moth and butterfly in her notebook, but by her ninth year, she began to scorch her tiny friends when touching them, before her power grew and entire branches and trees would scorch and shatter. She became so withdrawn, building herself a small earthen hideout at the edge of the village that her mother took her south to the City of Thaur to seek magical aid.   There they heard tell of the Temple of Amagwelnaurnen on the Isle of Magewick, an academy for elemental mages who could help her to harness her power. And so she set off to her new life. She spent a couple of happy years there, discovering many new bugs and honing her skills, before a new, older girl arrived. She was careless and brash, and Tintril took an immediate dislike to her for reasons she can't remember now.   In their 18th and 19th years, they were paired a contest of skills, which came to a rather scorched draw. While their burns were later being tended by the healer, they had time to have a true conversation after years of antagonism, and found their stories to be rather similar. Including both of their mothers making a journey to the Moonsands Festival in Alfheim. Neither had known their father either, except that he had left their mothers with two gifts. Hair beautifully braided with flowers while they slept, which stayed fresh for a fortnight, and a child.   In the year between their match and mastery of their arts, the two became thick as thieves, and when their studies were done, they set off to find their presumably shared father, with dreams of a noble warrior God with fire and ice in his blood. And so they visited both of their mothers in turn to ask some questions, and confirm that they did indeed begin at the Moonsands festival.   They then travel to Alfheim, making inquiries along the way. They hear of an enthusiastic yearly attendee of complex lineage, as likely to sire a giant as an elemental or elf by the name of Mithrilon, who has this peculiar late night festival habit...
Neutral Good
Current Status
A master in air magic at the Temple of Amagwelnaurnen
Year of Birth
1650 AF 371 Years old
Current Residence
5 ft


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