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Summercamp 2023

This article is depicting a potential future of this world. Some events in here might not have happened yet and will be changed by the actions of the players involved in this world. Until these campaigns have concluded, this article will exist in a superposition between existance and non-existance.   Some version of this article will survive, but who knows what it will be when all of this is over
July is getting closer and closer by the day and this means another round of Summercamp! This year will be the 5th time joining this event, which just doesn't sound right. Where did all the time go? Even if I only managed to achieve copper, it always sparked a lot of inspiration and new ideas for my world.   This year time during July is pretty rare. I won't be available for the first half of the month, and then will be moving apartments. So I'm not sure how much time I'll have to do Summercamp. Because of that - like last year - I will take it easy and just try to write as much as I can. Copper is the goal, anything else is a bonus. And even if I don't even manage to achieve Copper that's alright to, because every article written is an article I didn't have before!  
I pledge to write as many articles as I can, but I won't force myself to write. To Copper and Beyond!

I'm joining Camp Chill again!
Challenges like Summercamp can be a lot of fun and can push ourselves to achieve more than ever. My best work came out of the challenges run here on World Anvil. It's incredibly motivating, joining all these amazing worldbuilders out there, but it can also be incredibly exhausting and draining. In the end, we are all taking part to have fun and improve our work, and there is no point in burning out while doing so.  
Last year Annie Stein came up with the guidelines to Camp Chill, and they worked great for me last time, so I will join again this year. You can read more about camp chill in her Summercamp Pledge here.  
  • Remember the prompts are suggestions, not requirements.
  • Write what you're passionate about, leave what you aren't.
  • Relax when you feel tired.
  • Fight off any pesky brain-squitos trying to make you doubt your work.
  • Don't abandon your non-summer camp goals! Write that article you're itching to write, even if it doesn't fit any prompts.


    Theme Preperation


    Power can come in all kinds of ways. From political power to physical power, over military power all the way to the powers of the universe. There are many things unexplored in that direction in Lothrea, but three major ones immediately come to mind:

    Power Dynamics between the major countries on Teldora now and historically: I've started to explore the different countries on Telodra in the past, but given that there might be a map commission taking place at the moment, I want to dive deeper into this, especially exploring the historic power dynamics.

    Power of wealth in the Golden Coast: The Golden Coast is the primary focus of my worldbuilding at the moment, and there is a huge divide between rich and poor and that region I haven't explored too much yet.

    Natural Powers: This is an area I have explored way too little so far. How does magic work? Who can use it? What are gods? How can they influence the people of Lothrea? Are there powers above the gods? Could somebody abuse them? There are countless unanswered questions there that I'm looking forward to explore.



    Frontiers often describe edges, areas and places inbetween - this might be the space between two nations, the edge of a wild expanse or just the boundaries of an explored area. But frontiers might also describe non-physical edges. Scientific and Socialogical breakthroughs open up vast possibilities and opportunities, and this threshold itself might be considered a frontier. In Lothrea there are a couple places and events that might fit this description:

    The Depths of the Ocean: Recently my DnD campaign started exploring the Depths of the The Golden Coast. I've already built some cornerstones of the history and culture (like The Eternal Reef a significant burial site to the Triton people, or Iriserend their capital city), but there is so much more to explore in the depths below.

    Scientific and Arcane discoveries: I'm planning to move Lothrea more and more into a steam and magepunk direction. Scientific and arcane discoveries have been going on for a while now. Cities like Okodranous and Mora have been leading this progress, and might change the world.

    Sociological Changes: The new scientific and arcane discoveries also come with their costs. In many places in Lothrea, inequality between the upper and lower classes has been growing for centuries, and many of these new discoveries are only accelerating this growth. Okodranous is already looking at a small rebellion growing around Mica "Shadowbloom" Conan and many more will follow pretty soon.


    New Map?


    Last week I did mention that I have commissioned a map, and this week I got the final result back. Still a lot of work left to add all the information and markers to it, but this theme felt perfect to share it here! Also take a look at the layers, there might be something hiding there!

    The map was created by the amazing AP.. If you want to check out more of her incredible work, head over to her portfolio here