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Aerynn Vernador

Aerynn Vernador is a princess and future queen from South Cassel, a healing mage, and a priestess of Saint Nora...

1526 words


The easternmost province of the Elf-Kingdom of Lyonne. Terminus has the city of Tivol, Lyonne's only Port City...

828 words


Ardens is a mountainous landlocked barony located in the Elf-Kingdom of Lyonne. It is best known for the Phoenix Monastery, where the best healers in Vreathe live...

662 words

Arden Vernador

Arden Vernador is a Half-Elven prince of North Cassel and a knight of the Order of the Void...

1678 words


Gelum is a small Barony in the northern part of the Elf-Kingdom of Lyonne. It is a wide open grassland with little else but a few forts and cattle farms...

731 words

Isabel Vernador

Isabel Vernador is the half-elven queen of Ordland and known as the Water Sage. She is originally from the kingdom of North Cassel...

1694 words


Deuterium is a heavier form of the chemical element hydrogen. It is mostly used in the form of heavy water to make magic potions...

452 words


Tritium is an even heavier form of Hydrogen. It has very little use in magical applications, but its radiation does make some objects glow...

432 words


Water is a liquid with the chemical formula H2O. It is one of the most abundant substances on the world of Vreathe and is essential to all forms of non-magical life, It is also the basis for several forms of magic...

1076 words


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Healing Potion

Health Potions made by Old Anxi's vastly increase the body's natural ability to heal for roughly 1 hour, equal to several weeks of natural healing...

423 words

Instant Heal Tonic

Instant health Tonics made by Old Anxi's. These will instantly heal injures, equal to the time it would have taken the body to naturally heal over roughly three weeks of time...

363 words

Mount Cendi Lava Lake

The Mount Cendi Lava Lake is located in the Barony of Ardens. It is notable because Phoenixes are known to dive into the lake and disappear for a short time...

449 words

The Moon Izi

the Moon Izi is the closest moon to the planet Tarsuros, and the second smallest. It is a volcanic sulfurous hellscape, inhospitable to human life...

4672 words

Ginger Ale

Made by Old Anxi's, these popular drinks originated in the kingdom of Ordland and quickly spread around the human kingdoms.

369 words

Stimulating Cola

This refreshing cola drink is manufactured by Old Anxi's.

408 words

Fairies of Vreathe

Fairies are small people with powerful magic....

2192 words


The Barony of Nivalis is located in the north of the Elf Kingdom of Lyonne. It is a flat grassland and not much else...

434 words

Sylva Lucus

The barony of Sylva Lucus is located in Northwest Lyonne. It is a heavily forested region that makes various wooden and magic items...

381 words


Located in the western area of the kingdom of Lyonne, Dryadalis is the largest barony in the kingdom and holds the capital city of Delphia...

884 words


Orthez is a barony located in northeast Fairden, part of the Kingdom of North Cassel. It is known for its wine...

792 words


Aldarra is a barony located in north central Fairden, part of the Kingdom of North Cassel. It is mostly a hilly pineland..

608 words


Canillo is a barony in the northwest of the duchy of Fairden, part of the Kingdom of North Cassel...

518 words


Agennum is a barony located in the southwest of the Duchy of Fairden, part of the Kingdom of North Cassel...

420 words


The Barony of Berga is located in the Southeast of Fairden, part of the Kingdom of North Cassel...

759 words


The Barony of Palma is part of the Duchy of Fairden and the Kingdom of North Cassel. It consists of a chain of volcanic islands that separates Tornor Bay from the Voltaic Sea.

2185 words

Aether Charge Potion

Produced by the apothecary company Alchemiche de Irrelith, this potion will charge your body with a portion of Aether. Be careful of the side effects...

495 words

Opal Arrows

Opal arrows are made of, well, sharpened Opal. Opal has the ability to absorb aether from living things with ease....

406 words

Mana Seeking Arrows

Mana seeking arrows are made to seek out the strongest source of mana in an area and automatically head in that direction...

464 words


Tarsuros is the fifth planet from the sun. It was created by the Elder God Tazil at the beginning of time...

1629 words

Lithium Arrows

Lithium Arrows absorb magic then explode once it reaches a saturation point...

451 words

Stick Explosive

Stick explosives are an unstable non-magical device that has a ten second fuse before the blasting cap goes off and it explodes violently...

437 words

Expansion Bombs

Expansion bombs are a class of magical bombs that expand rather than explode...

293 words

Acid Bomb

Acid bombs are non-lethal expansion bombs that explode with

378 words

Fire Ant Bomb

These expansion bombs contain a lot of fire ants that will spread and cover targets after it explodes...

528 words

Aethercite Catalogue

The Aethercite catalogue is a listing of every known type of Aethercite and how it interacts with Mana and how it interacts with Aether...

11884 words

Water Bomb

A Water Bomb is a type of expansion bomb that rapidly increases in size from 1 liter to 100 liters in volume of liquid. Great for putting out fires or creating a lot of water quickly...

523 words

Orange Potion

Orange Potions are an orange flavored soft drink made by the apothecary Old Anix's. It has a strong orange flavor with a hint of lime...

493 words

Wellspring Spring Water

These bottles have very pure water and hold 10 liters in a 1 liter container...

432 words


Moonstones are a feldspar crystal with a brilliant shine. These stones will significantly power up the magic of anyone who has the moon trace...

857 words

Gravity Stone

Gravity stones are able to float when charged with aether...

1070 words

Gem Forging

Gem Forging is the process of adding crushed Aethercite crystals to the smelting and forging process, imbuing metals with the crystal's magic...

1029 words

Floating Gardens of Azura

The Floating Gardens of Azure are a collection of floating islands in the middle of the Sands of Nessa. The Fairy Azura uses them to challenge people to make it to the top, with the promise of a wish if they do...

2586 words

Ekandra - Aquatic Lizards

The Ekandra are one of the two major groups of reptiles of the planet Collena. They are evolved for living their lives under water and greatly resemble dolphins and fish...

1605 words


Adakdra are aquatic reptiles so small they can't swim against the current...

684 words


Rokadno are colossal aquatic reptiles that dominate the oceans of Collena...

1084 words

Adkur Andra

Also called mud lizards, these creatures are a medium sized aquatic reptile that is comfortable living on land. They have a habit of eating anything and everything...

1391 words


These rarely seen reptiles are best described as an eyeless terror of the deep but they are quite rare and not much is known about them...

1177 words

Phoenix Tonic

Phoenix Tonics are extremely powerful potions, made from phoenix feathers, that can heal almost any injury. It has some side effects though...

547 words

Purifying Elixer

This magical elixer, made from the blood of a god from another universe, can remove every and any form of magic effect on the human body, and I mean any...

697 words

Liamond, the God of Nothing

Liamond is a god from another universe. He came here to sow chaos until he was stopped....

570 words


Rubies are mainly used to strengthen fire magic...

1047 words

Magic Scrolls

Useless Curiosities or ancient items of power? Both actually...

2673 words


Fourth Planet from the Sun, Rosia is a world said to be filled with life with every plant and animal imaginable. A true paradise not far from Vreathe... If only that were true...

2222 words


Yikonis is a large planet in the star system, almost as large as Vreathe. It was a storm world when it was Vikuons domain, but recently all the storms left...

2472 words

Nivema's Sorrow

Nivema's Sorrow is a massive glacier a few hundred kilometers Southeast of the coast of Cassel.

1789 words

Counter Potion

This Counter Potion removes the dangerous mercury and other toxins that were used by Mercure Elixers. You might want to take this after taking one of those potions...

460 words

Vampire Potion

Drink this potion to temporarily grant the ability to use blood magic for a limited time. Be careful of the blood cravings...

418 words

Miracle Cure

This potion made by Mercure Elixers is said to cure anything, except the very long list of exceptions on the back of the bottle...

461 words

Awareness Tonic

Popular with marksmen, this potion from Mercure Elixers will grant you perfect vision for a short time.

709 words

Rose of Cassel

The Rose of Cassel is a gem forged backsword that has played a part in Cassel's history for centuries...

1103 words


The Agaran is a large species of Ekandra native to rivers, lakes, and seas around the Kenerif continent...

1186 words

Behemoth Tonic

The Behemoth tonic gives you the strength of 10 men and 20 elves! Beware the bestial side effects...

524 words

Phase Elixer

Phase elixers allow you to temporarily phase into another plane of existence for a very short time. Very useful for thieves and assassins...

629 words

Time Multiplier

This potion will speed you up and from your frame of reference, the world around you will run half the normal speed...

1016 words

Time Divider

Much less popular than the time multiplier, the time divider will speed up the universe around you...

847 words

Unicorn Potion

Unicorn potions are magical elixers that restore your mana and greatly increase your ability to store mana for a short time...

517 words

Revival Elixer

This powerful potion has the ability to recall the soul to the body and heal serious injuries...

677 words

Mercure Elixers

Mercure Elixers is an Apothecary company that makes unbelievably powerful potions, but most of them have downsides...

294 words


Reina is one of the four baronies located within the valley of kings. It has large deposits of various gems and has several large impressive ancient structures bult here...

1157 words


Roy is a Barony in the Valley of Kings, named this because of the many, many tombs of ancient kings dotting the landscape...

1612 words


The Land of Shrines. This Barony in the Valley of Kings in western North Cassel is a cold, secluded area. the land is littered with thousands of shrines...

967 words


Gladio is a barony in the Valley of Kings in extreme western North Cassel. It has rolling plains, gold filled canyons, and a monster filled icy plateau with a secret in the center...

1262 words


Valier is a barony located in northwest Aeris in the Kingdom of Cassel. It is a mostly flat tree land, notable for its apple orchards and fruit production...

804 words


Esurian is a barony located in Western Azure in the Kingdom of North Cassel. It is notable for its Ork apples and its bone palace...

1063 words


Gwerra is a small barony located in Azure and is the furthest east location in North Cassel. It has grassy valleys, snowy peaks and the tallest mountain in Cassel...

2031 words


Wheages is a barony in Azure and part of the Kingdom of North Cassel. It has two cities that are important due to the surrounding natural resources...

1283 words


Tholos is an island barony located in Eastern Dorias and is part of the Kingdom of North Cassel. The most devastating volcanic eruption in Cassel's history occurred here...

2188 words

God-Blood Crystals

God Blood Crystals are the crystalized form of the blood of the gods. Each of these aethercite crystals act wildly differently from each other depending on the god it came from...

4291 words

The Moon Lazulia

Lazulia is the smallest moon of Tarsuros and is an icy world with an ocean beneath all that ice. The ocean has an almost uncountable number of diverse creatures in it...

1557 words

The Moon Aros

Third and largest moon of the planet Tarsuros, Aros is a cold, hateful place, filled with shadow creatures and ruled by the first vampire Lithane...

2601 words

The Last Human War

A long and complicated overview of the state of the world a thousand years ago, and why literally none of that mattered in the end...

1716 words

Races of the Upper World

The Races of the upperworld include the elegant Tanith, the Reptilian Aseth, the tine Elaski and Rachni, and the pathetic humans...

2152 words

The Four Worlds

An over of the four worlds of the Crystal Age: The Heavenly Realm, the Upper World, the Middle World, and the Lower World.

2559 words

The Twelve Sages

The Twelve Sages are the guardians of the Crystals. They are the most powerful spellcasters of the Upper World and the leaders of the religion there...

1639 words


Magic is a power that Tanith, Aseth, Elaski, and Rachni have access to. They can use it to cast powerful spells and it gives them access to abilities that humans will never have...

2279 words

Bestiary: Creatures of Vreathe

This widely panned book was briefly circulated across Vreathe. It was penned by a fake scholar using an artificial sentient crystal and is filled with incorrect information...

2092 words

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