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A contemplative, hopepunk science fantasy experiment by Aster Vela
Science Fantasy
There is not one, but two, entire worlds for our many protagonists to explore. They discover many wonders and horrors along the way.
Babikiye is a significant work in progress. Many of the published articles are still drafts, since I am learning how to best write this codex as I go. Patience and kindness is humbly requested. Enjoy the mess!
Habitually Queer
Queer content is my default. It may not always be loud or center stage, but it's inherent to the work.
Adult 18+
Babikiye is pretty tame and warns for graphic and/or explicit content where relevant, but all content is created by an adult for other adults.
"The universe knows no borders. For better and for worse, we must draw our own lines."
— Nanatu Zylpeiros
Our universe is not defined by the stars above our heads nor the ground beneath our feet. Our Creator has gifted us a universe of infinite variety, and it is us who has named and defined our Babikiye.   Yet, how can we ever hope to define Babikiye in truth when we are at the mercy of the passage of time? Year after year, people die, cultures vanish, and monuments erode. I created the archive before you now in response to the challenge of preserving our legacies and those of our worlds, Aravu and Kivria.   As we record and we read the contents within, may it challenge us to reconsider the lines we have drawn between each other and remind us that our most extraordinary discoveries laid, and will continue to lay, where our lines converge.   Cordially Yours,
Ezeki, the Consciousness of Babikiye
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