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The Realms of Aorlis Fantasy Setting Epic Adventure in a Comprehensive Medieval World

The Realms of Aorlis Fantasy Setting is a living world, full of interconnectivity and rich detail. It is based on Olde Worlde charm and flavor, and it may be used for cozy fantasy, grimdark fantasy, and even full-on Gothic horror. Our world is different things to different groups, and so is Aorlis.   If you believe that tales based on medieval Europe is all played out, you would be so very wrong. Aorlis is not the same old fantasy tropes forever rehashed in books, games, movies and television. The Realms of Aorlis were developed by an avid medieval historian, and his research on the setting's social, religious, economic, occult, and mythological roots will redefine your relationship with this period and place. Aorlis is not Middle Earth or Westria.   Aorlis was designed for epic adventure, brutal combat, daring exploration, and intrigue. It is equally good for old-fashioned, crunchy dungeon crawls, and the sweeping narrative campaigns that are more common these days. Every country, city, random encounter, and NPC is packed with adventure hooks.   The Realms of Aorlis is a system-agnostic setting that works with any fantasy table-top role-playing game. It’s written with low fantasy in mind, but if high fantasy is your thing, it works for that too.
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